Nexon announces partnership with retail provider Toymate

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Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon), a leading managed service provider, has announced a partnership with Toymate to manage their network and telephony services for the next three years.

Toymate, Australian owned and operated, has offered a range of exceptional toys to its customers across NSW and Brisbane since 2015.

As the retailer has grown over the years, it wasn’t too long before each retail store had its own IT and telephony footprint. This resulted in multiple partnerships and technologies across the business, making any IT-related decision and planning complex and time-consuming to navigate. The task of migrating all stores across to nbn ™ provided an opportunity to centrally manage their business and future proof their network.

As a result, Toymate identified their future growth plans would be positively impacted by a consolidation of their IT partners and providers. Myles Fleming, Head of IT at Toymate, joined the organisation to develop a strategy to manage the business’ IT needs and formulate a path forward.

“I could see the benefit of having a relationship with a single partner for our core network and telephony needs,” he said. “I knew of Nexon and their experience in the retail industry, so we approached them to discuss the opportunity further.”

Future-proofing IT services is of vital importance to any modern retailer. Customer demands and expectations are only increasing, as is the need to maintain a strong omni-channel presence and deliver expectational customer experiences. In order to meet these expectations, Toymate needed a reliable network, adequate security and consolidated IT and telephony partnership of a single trusted provider with deep retail experience.

Nexon is perfectly positioned to help retailers’ transition to nbn ™, protect the business with secure infrastructure and connect the wider workforce. This just one of the reasons Toymate chose Nexon to migrate each of their locations and head office to a standardised, managed and secure network environment. In addition, Nexon’s leading technology partnerships will see the roll out of Cisco access technology to all locations by mid-2019, laying the foundation for scalable growth and optimised performance for their cloud applications. Plus, Nexon will manage the transition of all stores and Toymate’s head office to the nbn network with minimal disruption for the organisation.

“Having a partnership with Nexon will enable us to minimise the number of IT partners, whilst knowing we have the support of an experienced partner in our industry,” said Damian Vassioss, CIO of Toymate. “It will deliver us the foundation we need to effectively grow.”

We’re excited to be partnering with Toymate,” said Nevien Badawi, Client Engagement Lead at Nexon. “We look forward to supporting Toymate’s vision.”

To find out more about the benefits of partnering the retail sector with Nexon, contact us.

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