Citadel partners with Nexon to improve security and compliance for businesses on AWS


Unleashing the power of automation and expertise: Streamline operations and drive business growth with our digital Cloud and managed services partnership

Citadel, an AWS security and compliance platform, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon), a leading managed service provider in the industry. The partnership will provide customers with cutting-edge security and compliance solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the digital landscape.

Through the partnership, Citadel will be able to leverage the extensive reach and resources of Nexon to expand its combined product service offering. In turn, Nexon will gain access to Citadel’s innovative security and compliance technology, allowing it to offer its customers an elevated level of security best practices.

The partnership will focus on providing organisations with comprehensive security and compliance solutions that help them navigate the complex regulatory landscape and protect their sensitive customer data.

Citadel’s CTO and Co-founder, Allan Denot, says: “This partnership with Nexon marks a significant milestone for Citadel. We are excited to collaborate and accelerate the development of our platform, enabling more companies to drive innovation in the Cloud.”

“The new partnership brings the ultimate balance of simplicity and control to managing AWS infrastructure in those highly regulated industries. Say goodbye to the complexity of managing your environment, and empower your team to accelerate time to market and focus on what really matters in ensuring a safe and compliant digital future”, added Glenn Mason, Nexon’s general manager of DevOps and application modernisation.

This solution is now generally available to Nexon’s customer base.

Region selects Nexon
Region selects Nexon

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