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Nexon Asia Pacific announces CREST certification

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Nexon Asia Pacific is pleased to announce becoming an official CREST-Approved organisation, independently assessed to ensure proficiency and compliance in the practice and delivery of Penetration Testing.

The CREST certification is an independent verification and assessment, conducted by the not-for-profit cybersecurity body on Nexon’s Cyber Security capabilities, systems and processes which provide a level of confidence and assurance that clients are working with an approved provider and highly skilled experts in the industry.

CREST requires a rigorous assessment of business processes, data security, and security testing methodologies to demonstrate a level of assurance that their information security methodologies can provide their clients with a robust assessment of their information security posture.

With the risk of cyber-attacks escalating, organisations need to be ready to anticipate threats before they emerge. Nexon offers organisations added additional peace of mind, by ensuring our testers are CREST and OCP certified and complies with all major framework standards, including NIST.

“The accreditation awarded to Nexon not only illustrates our proficiency and commitment to the security sector but highlights the need for qualified experts who can ethically simulate techniques used by cybercriminals in the real world to uncover vulnerabilities,” said Dan Weis, Senior Cyber Security Specialist at Nexon.

“Nexon’s assessment and individual qualifications are underpinned by meaningful and enforceable codes of conduct. It will offer government entities and organisations across Australia the confidence that the cyber hygiene conduct by their professionals is in line with industry standards” Ian Glover, President of CREST.

You can find more info on CREST here: and member company page here: