Transform your systems and accelerate speed to market

With our Cloud-based solutions, our team of experts can help you modernise your systems, reduce complexities and accelerate the delivery of your applications, so you can get to market sooner.
• Increase speed to market • Transform IT systems • Strengthen competitive edge • Increase staff and customer satisfaction
Nexon – Transform your systems and accelerate speed to market

Modernise your systems in a controlled environment with our DevOps team

Our expert DevOps team utilises proven frameworks and implementations at all stages to help you, at all stages, build, test and deploy applications at speed, automate continuously, test, and gain efficiencies. Most of all, they’ll enable you to accelerate speed to market in a tested and controlled environment.

Nexon’s specialist DevOps consulting and advisory services allow you to:

Improve speed, innovation, safety and confidence

For significant benefits for your entire organisation, it’s important to take a holistic approach led by measurements and data-driven actions. At Nexon, our DevOps specialists undertake an IT approach to help you achieve more, sooner.

Nexon - quick deploy solutions

Faster lead time from commit to deploy

Faster time to recover from incidents​

More frequent code deployments​

Lower change failure rate​

Cut time from concept to delivery

If speed to market is vital for your organisation, you need the ability to bring high-quality applications to end customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Nexon, we focus on empowering you to deliver faster and securely, while maintaining stability and quality.

  • Automate manual processes to increase speed and efficiency
  • Reduce internal wait times for IT operations services
  • Simplify complicated tasks for faster response time
  • Integrate development and operations for a more streamlined approach
Nexon – cut time from concept to delivery
Nexon – Modernise your application architecture​

Modernise your application architecture

To achieve seamless digital transformation, a modernised, cloud-based application is vital. At Nexon, our DevOp solutions are designed to help you modernise your applications and platforms.

  • Transform systems and modernise your entire IT architecture
  • Migrate to the Cloud or modernise existing cloud delivery
  • Streamline processes across the lifecycle through powerful automation
  • Drive your organisation to become an industry leader

Boost innovation and competitive advantage

To gain and maintain a competitive edge, it’s vital you innovate quickly and effectively. At Nexon, we help you to modernise applications to facilitate streamlined development and operations, so you’re in the best position to dominate in the digital future.

  • Transform from a reactive ticket-based culture to a collaborative agile culture
  • Remove complexity to bring innovative products to market faster
  • Innovate, collaborate and communicate with speed and clarity
  • Speed past your cloud-based competitors to deliver better applications sooner
Nexon – boost innovation and competitive advantage
Nexon – Modernise your application architecture​

Empower your staff

Reduce dissatisfaction among your team members by removing time-consuming, repetitive, manual processes. With Nexon, you can transform to modern technology and automated processes, to boost staff morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve staff retention.

  • Use best-practice tools and modern technology to boost engagement
  • Embrace self-service to standardise and elevate staff to Transofhigher-value tasks
  • Upskill staff members and improve retention rates
  • Increase staff engagement and attract star employees

We help drive your business productivity, continuity and change

Nexon is a digital consulting and managed services partner that helps organisations like yours manage and modernise your entire application architecture. Our broad suite of solutions enables us to deliver secure, reliable and integrated solutions including:

Strategic, knowledgeable consultants who deliver a roadmap that ensures investments in systems align with business plans.

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Experienced, dedicated people, empowered to challenge conventional thinking and accelerate positive change.

Transparent commercial models and flexible agreements that share the risk.

Boost your productivity and prioritise growth with fast, reliable connectivity

Responsive, agile service delivery that is consistently measured and improved for customer satisfaction.

Nexon is a Gold Microsoft Partner

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