Advance your data strategies and automation with Nexon

Our end-to-end capabilities and integrated platforms can help organisations like yours turn insights into valuable actions to ensure you make better and informed business decisions; leading to continuous improvement across all aspects of your organisation.

Nexon – Advance your data strategies and automation with Nexon

Use data to drive better business decisions

Over the last two years, organisations have faced new challenges with the increase of cloud services and the associated influx of data that comes with always-on solutions. The time it takes to analyse and prepare reports, and the inability to draw effective insights on those reports, can lead to reduced productivity and increased time to make important, data driven business decisions.

At Nexon, our expert consultants take a deep dive with you to understand your industry and your organisation. We work with you to extend your capability with an enterprise-grade, scalable, highly available, cost effective, analytics-ready platform, to help you make better data driven business decisions at speed.

Nexon’s data-led transformation strategy

Our data led transformation strategy and advanced AI innovations, delivered by our Analytics and AI consultants, can help you access centralised, accurate and easy to retrieve trusted data.

Nexon Enterprise Level Managed Security Solutions - Improved visibility and reporting​

Collect, store and analyse data to gain a 360° view of your business

Nexon - Recurring revenue

Gain visibility of your business performance and identify blind spots and risks

Nexon - Costs down

Reduce overall costs and drive business growth

Nexon - competition

Remain competitive and become a leader in the marketplace

Nexon way - Buy based on predictive insights drawn from existing sales, market research and consumer trends

Gain business insights and market trends

Nexon - Enriched customer experience and customer-centric communications

Deliver operational excellence, better customer experiences and improved employee satisfaction

Our team of expert consultants can help drive your data insights

Our dedicated AI and Analytics team is comprised of a multi-national contingent of experts with a deep history in assisting clients obtain maximum business value out of data.

Working with you, our team integrates data across your organisation to provide complete visibility and visualisation to support better decision making and intelligent operations now, and into the future.

Our solutions include:

  • Continuous support and partnership to leverage untapped data
  • A data driven competitive edge that drives growth, profitability and efficiency
  • A consultancy approach and end-to-end capabilities across UC&C, security, cloud, digital and integrated platforms
  • A strategic advantage by accessing data-driven insights to make better business decisions across your organisation
Nexon – Our team of expert consultants can help drive your data insights
Nexon – Modernise your application architecture​

How Nexon can help you gain business value out of your data

We specialise in the Microsoft Data platform and provide extensive experience in implementing large scale data-integration and advanced analytics solutions, to transform organisations to take their business to the next level.

Through close liaison and a growth mindset, we partner with organisations to identify their strengths and potential areas of growth and opportunity.

Our service area includes

Complex Big Data Solutions

Cyber Gap Analysis

Storytelling and BI through Data Visualisation

Nexon Knowledge Management

Information Management

Nexon way - Buy based on predictive insights drawn from existing sales, market research and consumer trends

Advanced Analytics

Nexon - IoT

Internet of Things (IoT)

Nexon - Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data-driven solutions that drive business productivity, continuity and change

At Nexon, our solutions simplify the complex, and deliver trusted insights for fast, accurate decisions. We design intelligent data solutions based on how your data is acquired, consumed, managed, governed and integrated. We then work with you to determine which insights are needed to make better decisions and substantiate them with compelling, visual data stories.

Nexon is a Gold Microsoft Partner
Nexon – boost innovation and competitive advantage

Case studies

Pitcher Partners

Enabling a service-based firm to focus on what matters most: their customers.

MTC Australia

Digital-first policy paying off for MTC Australia through Nexon.

Ord Minnett

Nexon has secured a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement with Ord Minnett to transition the company’s existing IT services to a new technology stack.

Nexon Asia Pacific

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