Protecting your data across complex multi-cloud environments


What are the key challenges faced by companies which leverage multi-cloud environments?

The challenges of navigating and backing up data across multiple cloud environments include:

  • Management of multiple tools and backup solutions – Multi-cloud environments have separate unique management portals depending on the provider or cloud vendor, each of them requiring different or separate backup solutions;
  • Cost of specialised skill sets – requirements are rapidly changing and becoming more complex and hyper dynamic for any DevOps team
  • There are multiple compliance challenges and requirements that may apply to some or all data
  • To remain compliant, it means to regularly monitor and perform testings which, in a multi-cloud environment, can become costly and time consuming.

Learn more about Nexon’s cloud services or the importance of protecting your data across multi-cloud environments by viewing the info-graphic below, produced in collaboration with our partner Veeam



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