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The working world has changed dramatically, giving businesses little or no time at all to react to keep their operations continuously running. Over the past few weeks, business leaders across all industries have been in one of two places. The first one being “I’m all set up, but now what?”

You may be the customer who has invested in collaboration and communication tools to enable employees to work from home. Or have cloud infrastructure providing users with the ability to access data and applications remotely and securely.

But what happens when demand for public cloud services thrive, and cloud providers begin to face capacity limitations?

How do you ensure optimised services and an always-on business when there is a strain on overall capacity?

How do you rein in the costs for the services you have deployed to help the business survive and adapt in the short term?

Whether you are performing core business activities or tackling big picture challenges, the last thing you need is unplanned downtime, security incidents due to server failure or poorly performing technology.

The challenge now, is ensuring the overall business continuity of your organisation for the next 3 – 6 months and then ensuring the business can run long term in this new mode of operation. Remote working may be here longer than any anyone anticipated.

If you don’t find yourself questioning your current situation, you most likely find yourself in the position of “Help! I am no longer able to manage this environment; costs are spiraling out of control and I don’t have the right tools to manage and support remote users.” It was ok for the short term but now I need to improve our services as this becomes the new normal way of working”. Fear not, we’re here to help.

With every organisation having complex needs, it’s a real challenge to identify how and what to migrate to the cloud, and which cloud is best suited for your business. Gaining access to the right skill set to connect legacy architecture with cloud-hosted applications can be difficult along with maintaining security, reducing risk, managing cost and achieving compliance.

That’s why you need a technology partner who works in close partnership with you. Nexon is a multi-cloud and managed services provider delivering cutting-edge solutions which spans across a range of technology specialties and industries. From Network, Unified Communications, Cloud Services and Modern Workplace to systems and applications, right through to delivery, to desktop and day-to-day support.

Nexon will work closely with you to understand your current environment and provide recommendations aligned to your business goals and objectives. We will devise a short, medium and long-term road map, and implement a comprehensive multi-cloud strategy to address security, flexibility, cost management and governance concerns.

Nexon’s Cloud Services allows businesses to scale now and into the future with end to end cloud services and dynamic infrastructure that adapts with you as you grow. With Nexon Cloud you eliminate the costs associated with the management and maintenance of on-site IT infrastructure, plus you gain the peace of mind you need when it comes to business continuity and performance.

Protecting your data and critical assets wherever you are is becoming more crucial. Not only is the ability to backup data but also accessing data fast when required. The considerations are limitless.

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, your public cloud data is automatically backed up and can be quickly and easily recovered error-free should your business suffer a major disruption or unplanned downtime.

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