Nexon transitions 450 user base to Microsoft Teams in under 48 hours


Nuix, an Australian security software organisation with offices across the Americas, APAC and EMEA, engaged Nexon to transition its user base to Microsoft Teams – Work From Home solutions in under 48 hours.

Primarily operating on G-Suite for mail and document management and on-premises Lync server for voice, Nuix were challenged with calendar and scheduling, as well as their existing Lync environment and call quality. They required a platform overhaul to meet their business efficiency objectives and eliminate their current platform challenges.

After the newly appointed Global Head of IT, Jeff Wardell joined Nuix the quest for an overhaul to consolidate the platform began. The chosen platform was Microsoft 365.

Nuix went to market for a partner to manage this migration. Several companies pitched for the business but Nexon’s latest acquisition, XCentral, came out on top and was awarded the contract after being referred by Microsoft as a preferred partner.

The project included the migration of close to 50TB of mail and documents, as well as the deployment of voice services to approximately 450 users across five countries.

The initial timeline was drawn out through several weeks of phased implementation; however, the increase in instability of the Lync infrastructure was causing Nuix multiple quality of calls issues, and therefore the request was made to prioritise the migration of their voice services.

Nexon was able to ramp up service and implementation times in a matter of days. The telephony migration was completed in 48 hours with a 100% success rate, no downtime and no disruption to business continuity. The solution was Nexon Absolute.

Nexon Absolute provides PSTN dialling for Microsoft Teams, delivering a complete unified communications and collaboration environment.

Impressed with the cutover and implementation of both XCentral and Nexon, Mr Wardell said “Nexon were able to meet our requirements within our accelerated timeline and helped improve our operational environment with the ability to make and receive calls from our Teams platform.”

Nexon continues to work with Nuix to complete the migration of mail and documents, to meet the organisation’s vision of having a modern and integrated platform for all users locally and internationally.

“It was a pleasure working with Nuix’s team and have the opportunity to tailor a solution that is the perfect fit to meet the company’s goals and to help them overcome their immediate and future challenges. The Nexon team once more delivered, and we are looking forward to growing and strengthening this partnership” says Ben Granger-Holcombe, Nexon Business Development Manager.

To find out more about how you can transition your business to a complete remote working environment, visit our solutions page here.

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