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Unlock the power of Australia’s leading public clouds with Nexon managed services

It’s no wonder businesses of all sizes are turning to Public Cloud infrastructures. Public Cloud delivers a wide range of business benefits, from cost effectiveness, faster time to market for digital services, easy configuration and agility, to economies of scale and high flexibility redundancy.

This solution introduces challenges as well. Determining how to migrate to the cloud and deploying the right skill sets to connect legacy architecture with cloud-hosted applications, while also maintaining security, reducing risk and achieving compliance. Importantly, ensuring management visibility across priorities and performance is also a necessity.

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Here at Nexon, we can help your organisation overcome these challenges and get the most from your Public Cloud infrastructure, all the while ensuring you have comprehensive visibility, retain control and keep your technology budget in check. Our managed services deliver the Cloud visibility you need, ensuring you maintain security, reduce risk and achieve compliance.

By aligning your systems, processes and technical capabilities, our discovery process, audit review and environment roadmap ensure you have confidence in the reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure that supports your operations, while removing uncertainty from the equation.

  • Cloud assessment
  • Customised strategy and roadmap
  • We take the time to understand our clients need
  • Trusted partner to get you where you need to be

Comprehensive visibility delivers business benefits


Get the most out of cloud

With a single pane view you can get the most out of cloud with detailed ROI analysis and optimising your spend. By using historical data to forecast future spend, you’ll benefit from predictability and planning.


Keep your technology budget in check

With detailed cost reporting across all workloads, network, storage, and/or enhanced services across public and private cloud infrastructures, you’ll retain control of your technology budget.


Deliver high availability

With 24/7 monitoring of account level capacity, scheduled maintenance and visibility of which services are available, you can ensure high availability across your cloud environments.


Total control without surprises

With instant alerts for service disruptions, you’ll be aware of what is impacting your operations before disruptions are confirmed by your cloud provider. You’ll benefit from high availability and latency tracking for your cloud services.


Proactively manage service limit capacity

Every cloud account comes with service limits. Reaching limit capacity unexpectedly can impact the availability of your applications. Receive alerts in advance when you’re getting close to better manage resources.


Multicloud governance

Enable policy-based, self-service deployment of infrastructure and applications, on-premises and in public clouds. Create governance policies that are aligned with your objectives and provide centralised visibility and control.

Increase flexibility and enhance performance of Cloud applications with SD-WAN

Optimising your network solution is important for organisations adopting more and more cloud-based applications for critical operations, such as CRM, Microsoft 365, Software as a Service applications and unified communications solutions. The right network solution delivers enhanced connectivity and increases flexibility, especially for cloud and real-time applications.

Our software defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution streamlines your technology lifecycle with a cloud-ready platform offering a seamless and agile network solution that enables virtual services in public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

You’ll benefit from new levels of control, visibility and agility.

Nexon SD-WAN

Deliver the experiences today's Workforce demand WITH VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE

Supporting an increasingly remote workforce alongside the rise of cloud-based applications is the new normal. User enablement via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a common option, but comes with a set of challenges, including infrastructure cost and application performance.

With Nexon’s Managed Service solutions, we can support your Public Cloud hosted VDI users to benefit from improved reliability and performance, improved access to cloud-based applications. These benefits ultimately result in operational efficiencies.

Nexon Managed I.T Services

Reduce risk with proactive security in the cloud

With so much data being stored and used within your cloud environment, you need to know that security is robust and reliable. As the modern risk landscape is constantly evolving and changing, round the clock monitoring and assessment is required to protect your data and your users. We work proactively to identify any risks before they pose a threat.

Our Managed Security Services are scalable, flexible and tailored to the size and risk appetite of your organisation. Our comprehensive services include perimeter, email, endpoint,  cloud security, security operations centre (SOC) and security incident and event management (SIEM), supporting  the safe use of applications.

We help you pre-empt, prevent, detect and react to threats, reducing vulnerabilities and maintaining visibility and control of your operational environment and data.

Nexon Managed Security

Data protection to keep you always on

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, your public cloud data is automatically backed up and can be quickly and easily recovered error-free should your business suffer a major disruption or unplanned downtime.

When it comes to business continuity, you’ll have peace of mind, achieve compliance and reduced risk.

Nexon Business Continuity

Achieve more with application centric cloud

When you leverage advanced app orchestration across your teams and clouds, you can streamline your operations, eliminate complexity and remove the need for repetitive resource delivery. Our app-centric approach enables you to design, deploy, optimise and manage applications from anywhere, at any time.


Public Cloud expertise you can rely on

Our extensive expertise and certifications with world leading public cloud providers means you’re in good hands.


Achieve Business Outcomes with next gen managed services

Nexon’s Next Generation Managed Services support the entire scope of the advanced solutions and technologies we develop and implement - from the Data Centre and Network, through to Digital Workspaces, right through to Hybrid Cloud.

Coupled with our unique customer engagement model and award-winning local team, our managed services give you the peace of mind you need to innovate and digitally transform your business.

Nexon Managed I.T. Services

Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we understand the unique challenges faced by business leaders.

Over the last 20 years, Nexon has provided consulting and advisory services, developed world-class, infrastructure, technical and service expertise, systems and processes to ensure that your I.T. environment is in safe hands.

As a managed services provider, we are truly ahead of the market by offering support for all the solutions and technologies we deliver, including our Unified Communications and modern workplace solutions. We offer flexible commercial models and are committed to successfully achieving your business goals and meeting your operational requirements.

Nexon is your trusted partner for managing your Public Cloud.

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