Digital Workspace

Secure access to applications and data from any device

As businesses grow and evolve, so too do those expectations of customers and employees. Flexible work policies are becoming the norm resulting in a greater need for on-demand access to data and applications. Today’s organisations are faced with the challenge of managing geographically dispersed groups of employees while retaining control of company data.

Nexon’s Digital Workspace helps organisations strike the right balance between workplace mobility, collaboration, and data security. It allows employees to access any application, on any device – while the organisation retains control of the data, including who accesses it, when and how.

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As easy as a simple login

Digital Workspace – giving users secure access to business applications and data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Just a simple login and users will have a virtual workspace environment that appears and operates just like their actual physical desktop.

Developing the workplace today

The world is changing quickly. Organisations are embracing the concept of workforce mobility more than ever. And, with new generations of workforce starting to challenge the idea of a traditional workplace organisations are often faced with:

  • Developing workplace into a secure and collaborative environment

    Developing workplace into a secure and collaborative environment, this means:

    • Giving users the tool they need to work anytime, anywhere, and
    • Maintaining technological agility and keeping it secure
  • Developing cost-efficient capabilities for an effective digital workplace

    Developing cost-efficient capabilities for an effective modern workplace, amidst

    • The need to deploy technologies that better meet their needs, and
    • Constant pressure to cut budgets and contain costs


The concept of work is no longer confined to the same desk or even the same office every day. As companies expand and employees increasingly work remotely, the old rules of communication where everyone has to work from the office desk no longer apply.



Globalisation means, whether it is a meeting to discuss ideas or real-time sharing of information and data, it is possible to work with anyone, wherever they are to achieve the same business objectives. Fostering collaboration no matter where they are located or devices they are using, gives the organisation a more flexible and effective workforce.



The enablement of mobility and collaboration can leave room for data being unprotected, if the environment isn’t provided to employees securely. With Digital Workspace, employees have secure access to everything they need to be productive and the organisation can remain in control of their data and applications and govern devices not typically deployed by IT (Shadow IT).



With more data and applications come the need to provide role-based automated user provisioning, licensing and entitlement that eliminates hassles, streamlines IT workflow, and simplifies access across multiple hosted and cloud applications with monitoring and reporting, automated application de-provisioning and application approval workflows.

Organisations must constantly take proactive steps to create new opportunities through the exploitation of technology.

With a Digital Workspace, the required business capability could be delivered to the end-user anytime, anywhere and, most importantly, any device securely and efficiently.

Considerations for your digital workspace strategy

SaaS, Web apps or Legacy applications

Organisations will need to consider the applications and services delivered to end users. SaaS and Web-based applications may be published directly from a digital worksapce portal, Legacy applications that rely on underlying OS will need to be published by DaaS and\or accessed via WaaS portal.

Organisations will need to consider whether or not employees will need access to applications and data when on the move. Data level classification and the importance of securing the data will need to be considered. Digital Workspace provides a single-sign-on portal hosted in the cloud that can be accessed on the move, while also enabling a secure connection to applications and data anytime, anywhere.
The use of many applications may be restricted to the type of device. Organisations will need to consider moving to SaaS or Web-based applications and also consider how legacy applications can be made device independent. A Digital Workspace can facilitate the accessibility of applications and data on any device.
Security of applications and data on endpoint devices is critical to minimise exposure to organisations confidential information. A Digital Workspace provides the capability to manage how data and applications are secured, tracked and configured on endpoint devices.

Security and sign-on of applications

The hybrid cloud or multi-cloud organisation face continuous challenges in syncing and managing multiple logon credentials. A Digital Workspace can integrate with multiple clouds, web and SaaS applications providing users will a single-sign-on experience to access their workspace.

Organisations leveraging cloud applications presents IT administrators with the manual effort of having to create login’s to each individual cloud based application. With Digital Workspace, the IT administrator creates credentials once and an automated work flow process is initiated across cloud platforms to provide access. Similar licensing and entitlements can also be automated.

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