2020 has been a turbulent ride for many, especially for businesses forced to completely adapt by overhauling their processes to stay afloat. The landscape has drastically changed for a standard workplace within just a few short months, so there has never been a more vital time to look at better ways of keeping your team collaborating and connecting.

Nexon, leading business application and managed IT service provider, has partnered with Valo, a Finnish-based company providing digital workplace solutions, to implement their exciting service Valo Connect and unlock a better working environment that unites your team and digital tools, across all departments, no matter their location.

Nexon along with Valo are creating organisational efficiencies for managing working documents, records and other critical assets through a multi-faceted intranet and all-in-one simple communication solution. Valo Connect ensures you can easily work from home while still staying connected and working closely with your team across various departments and projects.

The platform leverages the Microsoft 365 suite by integrating with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams so employees can communicate from home, collaborate, host meetings, access and send files, add notes, and host discussions without the need to sign into different applications. This means there is also one less application that IT has to support.

By creating a social environment that is seamlessly built into Microsoft Teams, the platform automatically becomes a living, breathing part of your organisation, providing an excellent two-way communication system that is more effective and robust than emails. While emails let you and your team send-off information, Valo allows your people to collaborate in real time as you work together on essential projects.

With Valo Connect, your people can stay connected, keep your workplace culture thriving while being able to work anywhere in the world without hiccups along the way.

Easy to integrate and assured security, Nexon ensures the seamless implementation of Valo Connect within your modern workplace from day one.