In today’s digital age, exceptional customer experience (CX) is the cornerstone of brand identity, and the future of CX is personalised, integrated, and AI-driven.

Yet there’s a delicate balance between digital innovation and human interaction: the human part of the equation will always be critical. AI solutions can handle routine queries where human interaction isn’t essential, while human expertise is necessary for those requiring empathy.

The need for a seamless omnichannel experience

Customers today expect organisations to understand their needs and preferences and offer help, support and solutions (or just a friendly ear) across all channels. Text, voice, messaging – each carries the company’s brand, so each is to be valued.

Research shows, however, that the transition between customer service channels still creates pain points for customers. A seamless omnichannel CX is imperative, and this can be achieved with a state-of-the-art cloud solution.

Centralised data storage means that regardless of the channel the customer chooses, the right information is there for the agent or automated system. When there’s a need or a preference to switch channels, the customer’s experience never drops in quality.

The role of AI in enhancing CX

AI technologies (natural language processing, large language models, cognitive algorithms and so on) can decipher complex queries, understand emotional tone through sentiment analysis, and recognise intent.

This additional context enables agents to accurately anticipate the customer’s needs and tailor their responses accordingly, perhaps by directing them to a more suitable resource. Issues are ultimately addressed more quickly, leading to improved CX and loyalty, but inimitable human empathy is retained.

Making it better, all the time

The nature of AI is that it learns continuously, so the sooner contact centres begin their AI journey, the better their CX will be. Smart algorithms learn the patterns of interactions, get to know the sentiments expressed at every touchpoint, and can find faster ways to resolve issues.

Most contact centre solutions in this space will come pre-trained to some degree. But it’s after the embedding of an AI-powered system that the real results start to appear. Today’s omnichannel contact centre solutions with AI at their heart help brands’ operations at the point of contact by:

— Sorting and prioritising according to needs.
— Allocating the right solution, be that human or ‘bot’.
— Freeing up agents to tackle both the challenging and the interesting.
— Handling the day-to-day problems that would otherwise waste skilled agents’ abilities.

Furthermore, many users of AI in this critical role, central to the brand, will find several other pluses that positively impact other parts of the business. That happens when machine learning helps with the following:

— Building impactful data on customers, their behaviours and preferences.
— Taking more and more repetitive work from human agents.
— Helping skilled workers forge new careers working with AI technology.
— Driving down staff churn by offering engaging and interesting work to employees.

Leading CX solutions for 2024

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of customer experience solutions. In collaboration with Genesys, a global leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, we deliver cutting-edge digital solutions paired with invaluable consultative services.

AI is proven to enhance customer journeys and provide predictive insights, providing significant infrastructure cost reductions, and a host of other wins in productivity and operations. By harnessing the power of AI, Nexon enables continuous, personalised engagements across the entire customer journey. This approach enhances customer and employee experiences, driving efficiency and overall business performance.

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