Nexon - Streamline your communications with a unified strategy

The digital landscape in which we live and do business in, experiences constant change. New technologies come into play. The way we work becomes disrupted. New competitors emerge.  And a new generation of workers demand a workplace that is unified and in touch with the ever-changing world. Seemingly, organisations that are slow to adapt may be left behind.

But for small to medium-sized businesses you’re in a favourable position to succeed.

The size of your organisation will determine your agility and ability to embrace new technology – from VOIP, communication platforms such as Skype for Business or Teams, to a hosted contact centre solution. Mobility and flexibility are vital to meeting customer expectations and gaining a competitive edge in today’s digital world.

Organisations embarking on a unified communications journey need to determine the right path forward. They may already be approaching end of life on current telephony and communication tools. Exploring next-generation features such as an all-encompassing platform for voice mail, email, IP telephone, instant messaging and presence, video and a hosted contact centre solution, is key in determining and balancing the business benefits and processes, along with the user and customer experience.

Here are a few reasons why a unified communications strategy is essential for your business:

  1. Provide the experience your customers expect.

Any dealings with your customers should be quick and informative, saving you time and giving them what they need. Having a single, integrated platform that connects mobile and desktop staff across the whole business means you don’t have to worry about missing important messages. Communication and collaboration tools are integrated so your team can access files, conversation history, connect with customers directly over email, phone or video conference, and engage in a more productive and personal way.

With information at their fingertips, staff are equipped and empowered to best help your customers.

  1. Secure your business.

Cloud-based unified communications eliminate the hassle and expense associated with operating and managing a traditional telephone solution. Designed to provide voice over a secure network, organisations can streamline operations and deliver a more efficient platform. However, if not protected, the adoption of instant communication can open security breaches and threats within a network. Employees sharing files through IM could result in documents stored in unsecure locations.

VOIP calls, through an encrypted internet connection, add security to your conversations, and a unified communications strategy makes it easy to securely backup all emails, texts, and documents for an accessible, up to date record.

You’re also guaranteed business continuity. A hosted UC platform allows employees to communicate with customers and partners in a secure and online environment should a disaster strike.

  1. Collaborate with ease.

A team that can interact efficiently is a great foundation for an agile and adaptable business. Opening clear channels of communication for your staff with a unified communications strategy will boost productivity and take away the barriers of distance when you have team members and customers spread across the country or world (with video conferencing and group messaging).

The ability to share documents and work collaboratively on the same file from anywhere and any device is a significant asset to your business. In fact, we’d say it’s an essential one in this current digital age. Most staff already use a range of methods and applications to stay in touch. However, at the recent Microsoft Inspire event in Las Vegas this year, it was reported that 84 percent of users use non-IT sanctioned applications in the workplace. A unified strategy offers assurance that all communications are streamlined, and secure.

  1. Lower costs and improve scalability.

Investing in a unified communications strategy lowers your costs in several ways – beyond even the improved efficiency, agility and productiveness outlined above. With a subscription model, organisations only pay for what they use and need, providing the flexibility to scale up or down in-line with changing business needs. A managed UC solution also means there are reduced resources needed to monitor and manage multiple communication channels, freeing up time to focus on other core business initiatives.

By engaging a managed service provider, you can access a complete hosted telephony solution. Your organisation will have access to the latest technology and upgrades as the technology partner release these or are in line with your changing business requirements. This means you can leverage the evolving benefits of next-generation technology without having to invest in the infrastructure.

Help your business grow and adapt.

Streamlining your communications will help your business to grow and adapt to the changing digital landscape. It will encourage staff collaboration and make you more competitive now and in the future.

There are many unified communication options out there. And it can be a bit of a maze for those having to pick and choose.

At Nexon, we work hard to provide simple, seamless and affordable solutions to organisations around Australia. To find out how you can take control, remain flexible and embrace change, download our whitepaper on Choosing the right UC for your business: A guide for organisations running on an Office 365 environment.