Nexon extends its service to include a DevOps practice

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At Nexon, we understand the rate of change, and the need for keeping pace with the rapidly growing and evolving market. Our end-to-end services, collaborative and integrated approach empowers our clients to increase speed and improve delivery of products and services more quickly.

With this in mind, we have extended our services to include a DevOps practice to our evolving service offerings. Nexon’s proven frameworks and implementations across all stages will help our clients to build, test and deploy applications at speed, automate continuously, test, and gain efficiencies. Most of all, achieving speed to market in a tested and controlled environment.

How our extended services can help you to grow

  • Delivery with speed and safety – unlock product innovation and stay ahead of the competition
  • Security, Compliance and Governance – using DevOps principals to build security, compliance and governance into the delivery process by automating policies and processes.
  • Reduce risk and complexity – enforce standardisation through automation and pre-approved architectures.
  • Enable data driven transformation – providing an understanding of suitable metrics, and the opportunity for organisations to concentrate on the next best thing, creating a continuous improvement culture.
  • Increase staff retention and morale – by providing engaging and rewarding environment with modern technology, which will see an increase in skilled staff retention and upskilling of existing ones.

Removing the roadblocks to DevOps transformation

Organisations should take into consideration the blockers to DevOps evolution. According to the 2021 Puppet State of DevOps report, the main blockers clients should look out for are: organisational resistance to change (31%), followed by legacy architecture (28%), shortage of skills (23%), limited or lack of automation (20%), and unclear goals or objectives (20%).

Glenn Mason, DevOps General Manager at Nexon adds by highlighting that DevOps is not a one-time transformation. “We normally get asked ‘what happens when we are done with the DevOps Transformation?’ The answer is that you focus on continually improving what we’ve started. Customers will demand new and improved functionality, so we will need to continually improve to cater for their expectations. That means more problem solving and cycles of continuous innovation and improvement. This happens as technology changes, your products and services evolve, and customers expect better products and more frequent updates to functionality.”

At Nexon we help our clients to overcome those roadblocks by guiding them through solutioning and implementation of new IT transformation strategies. Our team of experts will enable them to embrace innovation and improve speed to market through increased automation and reduced complexity.

Contact us today to discover how you can deliver with confidence.

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