The four pillars of DevOps success

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The ever-increasing security threats, regulations and scrutiny can all play a part in the friction between Development and Operations teams.

Whilst Development teams want to move fast to meet the market demands, the Operations team is focused on mitigating risks for the organisation, creating what we refer to as the “Walls of Confusion”. These siloes can create confusion, inefficiency and competing priorities across departments.

So how can organisations get past this, break through these walls and deliver on success?

The answer is simple…

When done well, DevOps brings everyone together to collaborate and work towards one single objective, and deliver on the organisation’s vision creating a solid competitive advantage.

It’s that focus on people, combined with a well thought and clear strategy, the right culture and management that will set the successful organisations apart.

We have combined for you the four pillars for DevOps success:


Lead from the top to plan strategy, embrace change and create an environment that values job satisfaction, avoids burnout, provides freedom to fail and rewards learning.


Design, build and maintain integrated infrastructure, architecture tools, code management, continuous testing, data and security systems.


Balance structure with flexibility to empower experimentation, streamlined approvals, collaboration, frequent feature releases and rapid continuous customer feedback loops.


Continuous monitoring and tracking with visual dashboards to inform decision-making, quickly evaluate success or failure, rapidly iterate and generate tangible value.

Furthermore, whilst technology is at the core of DevOps, the cultural side – which is often underestimated by many organisations – is the key to DevOps success.

And success means to deliver on the fundamental objective of DevOps: to develop software to execute business strategies, solve customer problems and run a more profitable business. Whilst experienced technologists can deliver quality systems and software, it is through leadership and the right approach to Change Management, that organisations will enable their people and get them to embrace change.

At Nexon, we take a consultancy and advisory led approach to DevOps, Change Management and digital transformation to life. We strive to help customers understand that DevOps as a set of practices, tools, and a cultural philosophy that automates and integrates the processes between business operations, software development and IT teams.

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