Maximise your Office 365 investment – Cloud Calling in Teams

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A seamless Unified Communications (UC) environment is vital for any organisation operating today. The opportunity for increased engagement and improved productivity is one no organisation should ignore.

The tools available today for teams to connect from any place or device do exist and are endless. But some organisations still aren’t aware of how positively a UC environment can impact their business. Or how simple it can be to switch on. For example, lots of organisations are already leveraging Microsoft Teams. However, many haven’t switched on the vital ‘cloud calling’ component that maximises the benefits of that investment.

If you’re a Teams’ user and haven’t enabled ‘cloud calling’, you’re missing out on the simplicity of making and receiving calls from your collaboration environment.

What are you waiting for?

Adding core telephony to Teams enables a quick, easy and cost-effective voice solution for your organisation, delivering a complete collaboration experience. Enabling voice doesn’t need to be complex or require an additional investment in infrastructure and hardware.

That’s where our complete solution – Nexon Absolute for Teams – comes in.

We’ve implemented Nexon Absolute for Teams to a wide range of Australian enterprises and government bodies, simplifying connectivity and maximising their existing investment of Microsoft Office 365.

Managed service, minimal upfront costs – Nexon Absolute for Teams makes sense

Nexon Absolute for Teams is delivered as a managed service on a per-user-per-month basis. This includes project management, training and 24/7 support and maintenance. Nexon Absolute also offers access to centralised SIP services either via the internet or from a Nexon-managed network link. Also, because customers only pay for what they use, the risk is shared.

The benefits of partnering with Nexon

Nexon is a cloud and managed service provider supporting mid-market businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations on their digital transformation journey. We have experience in implementing and deploying UC solutions, including helping companies maximise the benefit of Microsoft Teams by extending its functionality to include cloud calling.

Want to learn more about Nexon Absolute for Teams? Read on.

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