How to future-proof your retail customer experience in today’s digital landscape


It’s not so long ago that ‘shopping experience’ meant a day out at the shopping mall or heading for the exclusive high street department stores. Technology has changed all that – according to Australian online news resource Power Retail.

Consumers have become more sophisticated in the way that they shop and purchase. It’s up to customers when, how and where they shop. For today’s consumer, the ‘shopping experience’ means being able to purchase with ease, whatever they want, whenever they want – in store, on desktops or mobile devices.

We’re now, firmly, in an omnichannel world where you need to be ‘always on’ and engage consumers across devices with a personalised, seamless and consistent experience no matter the channel.

However, technology is still evolving at such a speed, no retailer can rest on their laurels. Even if you’re in the process of digitising your business, you still need a digital transformation plan that gives you the flexibility to meet future challenges and disruptions.

Enabling transformation through innovation

Your digital transformation plan needs to be one that constantly evolves and transforms operations to deliver a better retail customer experience.

In a digital first world, the only way you’ll gain a competitive edge is by reimagining how you leverage technology to create game changing business innovations and incorporate value-added services. The value of innovation involves offering a seamless experience and remaining agile in the face of disruption.

Consider the value to the consumer of being able to quickly identify the availability of the item they want, through a POS or app, across all store sites and warehouses with a secure and reliable network. The transaction can be completed, for pick-up or delivery, before the consumer can search and locate the item elsewhere from their smartphone.  A robust network and communication infrastructure is a foundational component of the system to support innovative solutions and to future-proof your environment.

A look to the future

It’s not just the present digital landscape that’s complex for retailers to navigate. The future needs to be considered too – is your business ready for the next wave of innovation? The IoT, AI, AR, VR, chatbots and BlockChain are all creating new ways for retailers to leverage technology to improve customer experience.

How Nexon can help

By engaging a trusted partner with deep retail experience, you can be confident that the key foundational components are in place to ensure a secure, always-on store experience for consumers.

With our proven experience in the retail sector, Nexon can help future-proof your customer experience with the right digital infrastructure:

  • Connectivity – enabling fast, reliable and secure network connectivity between your stores, and with your offices and warehouses to ensure you have the capacity you need to supply real-time access to up-to-date business and inventory data.
  • Security – enabling secure and reliable access to voice and data for all staff, as well as for any IP devices and sensors you deploy to improve the way you manage stock and the in-store and online experience for your customers.
  • Communications – increasing your business responsiveness and agility by employing an advanced cloud-based telephony solution to give you the control needed to manage utility, deployment and monitoring. The functionality of this solution is scalable across stores, HQ and warehouse.

To find out more, contact us today.

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