Can you afford to ignore your cybersecurity any longer?


The cyber threat landscape is diversifying with cyber criminals finding new, surreptitious ways to attack your organisation every day.

Cyber threats, such as ransomware, malware, and email fraud, are infecting organisations at an alarming frequency which is increasing day by day. Every kind of threat is costly to an organisation, but ransomware can be costly than others. Ransomware infects an organisations’ systems, searches for files and then encrypts them before holding the organisation to ransom to decrypt the files if they ever want to gain access to those files again. Being held to ransom for their own information, having their hands tied unless they pay the attackers, proves a costly situation for any organisation. Nexon’s Managed cybersecurity offering can help.

Many organisations put their heads in the sand, thinking it won’t happen to them. However, in 2017, nearly half of all Australian businesses were affected by ransomware attacks and they’re still very much present on the global threat landscape.

Underestimating the value of organisational data continues to be a weak point in many organisations’ security planning.

Will your organisation be targeted?

Most likely.

Cyber criminals know that not all organisations have the same level of security controls to protect their data as others. They systematically test for the weaknesses on every organisation’s digital surface at some point.

Having anything other than the top level of cybersecurity makes organisations more vulnerable to target and easier to infect. Most ransomware spreads from fake and unsolicited emails and results in massive disruption, revenue-draining costs and reputational damage.

Can you afford to ignore this issue any longer?

In our experience, businesses who don’t recognise the threats and fail to do anything significant to protect themselves are the ones most likely to face IT security risks. Increasing your security is non-negotiable if you want to protect the information, IP and confidentiality of your business, staff and clients.

How to improve your security position

Security is no longer just an anti-virus program, nor can it be viewed as a potential single incident. Threats and attacks are constant, increasingly varied and harder to detect. To improve your security position, you need to fully understand the threat landscape and put adequate protections in place. This includes analysing the behaviour of malware to gather intelligence about threats from multiple sources and continually reviewing your security practices to ensure they’re working to protect you.

If you’re not sure your security practices are adequately protecting your organisation, don’t bury your head in the sand any longer. Act before it’s too late.

Now is the perfect time to review your security and ensure they’re best-of-breed. What would you rather face – upgrading your security or dealing with the cost, time and reputational fallout of a ransomware attack?

We advise all our clients to review their cybersecurity practices to ensure they have:

  • An up to date antivirus and email protection system in place
  • 24/7 management and monitoring of their networks to identify cyber-threats and attacks
  • Important files are backed up
  • Improved internal education on suspicious emails and attachments from unknown sources
  • Investigated managed security solutions that use best practices and approaches to take the stress of ongoing security management out of their hands

Time to review your security? Talk to us today about our Managed Security offering.

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