How to use automation technology in CX to deliver on your KPIs

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KPIs. Love them or hate them. As organisations, they underpin who we are, what we do and how we deliver value to our stakeholders.

In the realms of service driven organisations, the reality of delivering against KPIs is a challenge with the perennial balancing act always driving us to do more and faster.

As leaders, teams and individuals, we’re dealing with omni-channel interactions, working across multiple platforms, servicing more demanding customers and providing extended advice to a greater breadth of people seeking around the clock support.

Is there an easier way?

The symbiosis of humanity and automation

Humans bring cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, empathy and critical thinking skills – all essential attributes contributing to doing a great job (and harder to replicate with robots). Automation brings brilliance in repetition, data processing and workflows to enable greater productivity, increased accuracy and faster decisions. The combination of both is undeniably powerful.

When it comes to the modern workplace, CX is focused on driving high value interactions through human connection, informed by integrated and intuitive data, expedited through automated processes, workflows and decisions.

Our whitepaper about how to create meaningful and memorable customer experiences, suggests that there is a significant opportunity to use automation tools to allow customer service agents to spend less time on administration, more time speaking with customers and ensuring workloads are scheduled and followed up on-time.

The benefits of automation in CX are far reaching, and include:

More effective task allocation and optimisation

Relieve human resources of manual and repetitive tasks and enable them to flourish by empowering teams with the information and assets to build meaningful relationships with customers and improve interactions and satisfaction metrics. Leverage their EQ in driving connected conversations– automation can handle the rest.

Efficiency and productivity

Under the right conditions and for the right type of organisation, automation can be the tool that improves experience and delivery against service KPIs through a thorough knowledge centre driving insight driven responses and underpinning 24*7*365 service delivery.

Improved CX and reduced churn

Happy customers stay with great organisations. Finding ways to prioritise and focus on adding value through automation across every touchpoint will show you’re focused on putting customers first and drive improvements in key metrics including Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and churn at a macro and micro level across the organisation.

Learning and development

The beauty of AI is its ability to analyse customer interactions; identifying patterns, preferences and trends to improve experiences and outcomes for customers. We’re seeing the rate of AI adoption and evolution re-calibrating the way we do business while the information we gather and interpret to make decisions, is significantly more accurate and intuitive. Add the Ying to the Yang through automation, and organisations are quickly seeing the power of AI and automation together in driving efficiency and accuracy at every level – particularly when it comes to delivering on KPIs.

There is no doubt that using automation to deliver on your KPIs in a cost effective and meaningful way requires careful design, implementation, monitoring, testing, and adjusting. Importantly, get advice and use it purposefully. Don’t forget to weave in the balance and leverage the skills we  humans provide in driving better customer outcomes.


You still can’t beat an authentic and value driven connection – it’s just more valuable when it’s underpinned by the insights needed to improve the outcome for everyone.


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