What do organisations like yours do, when they suddenly realise their legacy systems can no longer keep up with the changes required to meet client demands and employee expectations? It’s simple. They turn to Cloud-based solutions.

This means developing a strategy (and the roadmap to get there) to migrate all your computing services –including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and security over to the Cloud.

Cloud-based solutions and services offer fast innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale, so you can focus your energy on building the right solution to empower your clients, stakeholders, and employees.

Achieve optimal performance with flexible, Cloud-based solutions

Gone are the days of every organisation needing a server room to enable proper processes and tools. Instead, for optimal performance and scalability, you need to adopt strategically sound, cloud-based technology solutions. Not only will this “simple action” improve your agility, but it will also enable you to grow and scale to match your business goals and objectives.

Best of all, a mature and future-proofed strategy aligned with a clear, yet flexible roadmap can help you unlock new opportunities, so you can:

  • Invest in new technologies to continue to improve your productivity, agility, and collaboration
  • Access a greater breadth and depth of solutions
  • Take advantage of new technologies and services like AI and machine learning to unlock useful insights
  • Effectively bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be

6 benefits of deploying Cloud-based solutions across your end-to-end technology environment

Transitioning to the cloud offers a long list of benefits, including business efficiencies, risk mitigation, and competitive advantages. Plus, the new technology associated with the Cloud will allow you to better serve your clients, and dramatically increase your overall profit margins.

Here are 6 benefits you’ll see when you move to the cloud:

Number 1

Better Security

Meet government and/or industry-regulated compliance requirements, protect your systems, secure your data, and mitigate risks.

Number 2

Enhanced Insights

View, track, and analyse data in real time to increase efficiency and create action plans to meet your organisational targets.

Number 3

Increased Collaboration

View and share information easily and securely, so your team can collaborate quickly and effectively, irrespective of location.

Number 3

More Effective Quality Control

Store documents in one place, to maintain consistency in data, avoid human error, and offer a clear record of revisions.

Number 3

Loss Prevention

Avoid viral infections, age-related hardware deterioration, and lost, misplaced, or stolen devices.

Number 3

Competitive Edge

Gain the capacity to develop, innovate and go to market at speed, to ensure you stay ahead of your competition

Potential challenges to keep in mind when transitioning to the Cloud

Before planning a cloud transition, it’s important that you identify which benefits you are hoping to gain. The most common reasons to move to the Cloud include scalability, rapid application deployment, distributed infrastructure, and simplified cost management. However, transitioning to the cloud can be challenging due to:

High number of Cloud options

With so many cloud platforms available and different services running on each of them, you may find it difficult to choose the right Cloud service to fit your needs.

Application adjustments

Your daily workflows likely rely on applications that weren’t designed to run in the Cloud.

Different processes, tools, and skills

Your current IT processes, tools, and skill sets that service your on-premise needs will, at best, need to be adjusted; and at worst, require an overhaul.

How to transition to the Cloud successfully

If your organisation doesn’t have the skilled resources to facilitate your move to the Cloud, you should consider engaging with an experienced cloud advisor. By working with a team of experts, your benefits can be maximised and the challenges simplified – perhaps even removed altogether – to ensure your Cloud transition is as seamless as possible. A Cloud Strategy Assessment should be undertaken to:

  • Understand your existing environments and assess your commercial goals
  • Review your current investments to confirm they can support long-term plans
  • Create a business case for implementation, including the total cost of ownership

A Cloud advisor can also offer a broad suite of integrated digital solutions, and a roadmap that considers risk management, security, compliance, and governance.

Nexon can help you migrate with confidence

Nexon can help you migrate with confidence

As an experienced Cloud and digital advisory partner, Nexon can help you move to the cloud successfully. We can provide you with end-to-end operational, tactical, and strategic support. In addition, we constantly look for new opportunities to improve your digital environment – from productivity and security to continuity and efficiency.

Our detailed migration plans show you exactly where your organisation will end up before we even start; while our mature and systemised structure for implementations enables us to navigate complexities and challenges which can often arise during a migration.

We assist organisations like yours to scale operations and migrate workloads to the cloud, rapidly and securely. This will allow you to adopt to new ways of working, optimise architectures, applications, and data, and leverage the benefits of increased performance.


While most organisations have common requirements, we understand that you also have aspects that make you unique. Our assessment process uses a combination of people, process, and automation tools so we can recommend the best future state for your workloads.

Secure Foundations

Our approach is to provide secured, repeatable deployments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which will allow you to increase flexibility, save time, reduce cost and improve reliability of services. Ultimately, CI/CD methodology enables you to deliver modern applications securely.


Once a secure foundation is built, we help you standardise your application delivery by building secure deployment pipelines. We leverage industry-standard tools and CI/CD methodology to help you deliver modern applications rapidly and reliably.

App Modernisation

We identify your workloads that rely on legacy technology and approaches, and create new business value by repurposing, consolidating, and modernising them – transforming them to cloud-native applications.

Business Continuity

All workloads have different business continuity requirements. We work with you to create the right plan for each workload to ensure you can continue to do business, regardless of the disruption in your digital landscape.

The Right Fit

When taking into consideration all of the points outlined above (and others that may surface in the course of our assessments), we call the end result the “right cloud for the right workload.” This means that whichever solution is right for you, we consult, design, implement, secure, and provide the appropriate governance that future-proofs your organisation – ensuring you have flexible and scalable solutions that will serve your needs now and in the future.

Partner with Nexon to springboard a successful and seamless digital transformation journey. Talk to an expert from Nexon today.

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