Addressing the omnichannel dilemma and breaking down Contact Centre siloes

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A staggering 85 per cent of Australian Contact Centres will be working on their omnichannel strategy in 2021, in a bid to mitigate the challenge of data siloes and solutions procured from multiple vendors that are not integrated.

In these unprecedented post-pandemic times, never has the need been greater to provide an omnichannel experience which will unify inbound and outbound communication to deliver proactive, contextual customer interactions.

The Ecosystm Customer Experience Study 2021, cites three major challenges to mitigating a true omnichannel experience:
• 59 per cent of channels are managed by separate teams or siloes
• 56 per cent of channels use different platforms and systems
• 43 per cent report no single source of truth for customers

Steps you should consider to drive CX consistency in your Contact Centre:

1. Understand the customer journey and ensure data across all touchpoints are captured and disseminated in a unified fashion. This includes legacy CRM and other marketing and loyalty program solutions. Multiple data marts can create confusion, especially when they are not interconnected and updated in real-time.
2. Centralise the relevant data and make it available to agents in one consistent go-to platform for all customer information and updates
3. Enable one single view of conversations, follow-ups and customer interactions in real time. This will mean re-evaluating the entire process from the ground up and defining holistic, data-driven KPIs for all teams involved.

In 2021, modern Contact Centres will need to look closely at how they drive their transformation by choosing a MSP who will provide the necessary security; can leverage online workplace collaborative platforms; and create collaborative channels sorted by topic and urgency. Security will also remain a key focus with all eyes on networks, applications and devices to guard against any internal or external threats.

Consider working with a MSP that can support holistic CX vision and help take your business operations to the next level. Their expertise should not be limited to contact centres but should be across managed and hosted services, digital services, security, cloud and data centre services. Nexon has been helping business leaders to connect with innovative technology in productive and efficient ways to meet business outcomes since 2000.

For more information on how these trends will inform your Contact Centre in 2021, download our latest eBook here.


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