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In a period of rapid change, customers are demanding digital services like never before with 26 per cent relying on virtual assistants and chatbots; 25 per cent on the web; and 19 per cent using community support and social media.

The challenge for Contact Centres will be to deliver customer experience within mobile applications, explore how customers can move from the app to social media and other channels, all while maintaining a continuous conversation flow.

Innovative digital capabilities can drive customer experience and engagement within Contact Centres:

Using mobile applications that can send pop-up notifications to customers for simple and less complicated matters. This could include reminders, change notifications and allow customers to schedule calls with agents that a time that suits them.

• Identifying the social media platforms your customers prefer to use. Integrate these responses and chats on the social engagement platform to your Contact Centre application. The interactions should be integrated to the agent’s dashboard so that your customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

• Exploring the use of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). IVAs can reduce the call volume and take the load off for your agents so that they can spend their time focusing on more complex queries. The conversation design must be crafted on actual conversation flows based on various permutations. You will ultimately want to automate as much of the common and repetitive questions asked and design the appropriate responses.

Contacts Centres that leverage innovative digital capabilities and online workplace collaborative platforms will be in the box seat to simulate real-time conversations between people across different geographic locations.

What to consider when choosing a MSP

Provisioning, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Security, Integration and Change Management and Training are the five key elements of any successful MSP. Nexon are experts when it comes to security and developing solutions that integrate across all networks, applications and devices.

Does your MSP make it simple to establish a Contact Centre and transition to the cloud from a legacy architecture? How efficient in your MSP’s backup and redundancy capabilities in supporting your Business Continuity Planning? Is your MSP able to simplify the integration process and ensure there is no data loss during this process? Does your provider enable a seamless transition for the team? Embracing the cloud, moving to digital, social and intelligent virtual assistants will require agents to learn – as well as adjust to – these new environments.

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