3 Key Benefits You can Unlock with Agile Business Cloud

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IT departments are pushing toward the agility and flexibility of the hybrid cloud as a result. These IT departments need to manage the change of their workloads across cloud environments, while retaining control and keeping their technology budget in check. So how do these IT departments ensure the success of their hybrid cloud environments?

Nexon Cloud Solutions offers the right mix of services and infrastructure to meet users’ expectations, now and in the future, in a fully hybrid cloud model.

With Nexon’s innovative and dynamic hybrid cloud architecture and service offering Agile Business Cloud, organisations can access efficiency, agility and security while benefiting from public and/or private clouds. We’re going to take a look at three of the key advantages you can unlock when you decide to work with Nexon and our Agile Business Cloud.

1. Simplify complex data management challenges, break down business silos and improve your user experience
The cloud is ideal for storing data in a reliable and secure manner, but with modern businesses now faced with unprecedented volumes of data, effective management is crucial. After all, what’s the point of storing all that data if you can’t leverage it? Nexon Agile Business Cloud provides a robust and secure connection between data centers and your MPLS network and makes it easy to leverage stored data at short notice. This eliminates siloing — something that has landed many businesses in difficulty as they find themselves unable to derive insights from separated data sets -and leads to a far more efficient, far more reliable use of data within your organisation.  The result is an optimised user experience that will push you ahead of your competitors.

2. Accelerate time to market and deploy services faster
A cloud deployment should provide the foundation to your application strategy with speed, agility, reliability and security. Nexon Agile Business Cloud is designed to achieve all of this with ease.
When you have a new application or another digital offering, and you want to put this offering into action, you don’t want to delay making it available to your users. This can be a problem with some cloud networks, many of which may not be equipped to support your new application.  Nexon’s service offering Agile Business Cloud provides a fully integrated solution, ready and waiting for seamless application deployment. This means you will have the opportunity to reduce your time to market, and to release your latest applications to your users while your competitors are still in the planning stage. The concept also works for existing applications, which may benefit from cloud migration.  Agile Business Cloud also supports a seamless transition, meaning no downtime while the app is being migrated.

3. Reduce risk with proactive security and compliance
With so much data being stored and used within your cloud environment, you need to know that security is robust and reliable.  Our team behind our service offering works proactively to identify any risks before they pose a threat. As this risk landscape is constantly evolving and changing, this requires round the clock monitoring and assessment — something the team are very much capable of achieving. This, of course, means more peace of mind for you, but also for your users. The users of your applications need to know that their data is safe and that they are browsing securely whenever they log on to your network. If your reputation becomes damaged, due to a data breach or other security issue, this will lead your customers to head elsewhere.

With our Agile Business Cloud service offering, the danger is eliminated. Of course, proper data security is not simply a desirable feature of modern business; it is a required one. There are legal and regulatory codes in place that aim to provide a minimum standard for business. Our Agile Business Cloud architecture ensure that you are meeting this requirement and staying fully compliant at all times.

Would you like to learn more about our Agile Business Cloud service offering? Maybe you would like to gain some insight into how the solution will work for you and the specifics of your business?
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