Business Internet and nbn

A high quality, reliable and secure internet connection ensuring smooth business operations.

Connect your main office, satellite offices or home-workers; or add resilience to your current network infrastructure with our range of ADSL and nbn solutions.

Internet access is fundamental for businesses of all kinds. Whether you need reliable, cost-effective service for home workers, business grade broadband for small offices or a dedicated service for your business critical communications, Nexon offers a wide range of internet services to suit your needs.

High Performance Business Internet

Nexon specialises in the provision of high performance business internet services. Our internet service is optimised for business customers, with a range of speeds – more reliable and secure than other business service offerings.

Nexon’s business internet services provide you with an end-to-end internet solution, which includes:

  • Web hosting

  • Domain name hosting and management.

    Domain name hosting and management

  • IPv4 address space allocation and management

    IPv4 address space allocation and management

  • Access to hosted Security as a Service

    Access to hosted Security as a Service

The NBN™

Nexon is an accredited adviser of the nbn™ that delivers fast, reliable and affordable phone and internet services to Australian businesses and home users.

Australian businesses and users can enjoy high speed and reliable network connections that will allow you to:

Collaborate better without the price tag

Enjoy your video conferencing and VoIP calls seamlessly without having to leave the office or spend thousands on a robust connection.

Function the
right way

Connecting to your cloud services and applications doesn’t have to be slow and choppy anymore with nbn’s high speed connections.

Boost productivity while saving time

Research, browse, download and upload data quicker so that you can get onto your next task.

Access rich media at your fingertips across all your devices

Watch HD videos and content and connect all your devices without worrying about the frustrating lag.

What is the NBN™?

With the demand for a fast and reliable network to connect Australians to the digital arena, the nbn initiative is an Australia-wide project to upgrade existing fixed line and internet infrastructure through Multi Technology Mix (MTM) connections. With the delivery of the nbn™ spanning across hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses and counting, the nbn™ will provide Australian users with numerous benefits including improved performance and engagement to the digital space, boosts in productivity by saving time, access to new markets, and much more.

The nbn™ is a national project that is still in progress. Click here to see if the nbn™ is available at your address or contact us today to see how we can help deliver high speed internet to your business or home.

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More than just business internet.

Our business internet integrates with our ICT solutions

  • Voice and communications
    Voice and Communications

    Seamless connection and collaboration anytime anywhere.

  • Network and Infrastructure
    Network and infrastructure

    Secure network and infrastructure your business can trust.

  • Nexon Managed Security
    Managed Security

    Giving your business the peace of mind & focus needed.

  • Nexon Business Applications
    Business applications

    Business applications that deliver measurable benefits to your business.

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