SWITCHgate Middleware

Nexons’s Telecom and IoT System Integration middleware SWITCHgate unlocks business value by bridging your organisations application environment to function as a single and seamless service.

Technology is rapidly transforming the workplace.

There is an increasing number of applications and services that provide businesses with powerful tools to be more efficient, effective and profitable and to serve their clients and customers. Each department within an organisation might use different applications and services, accessing best of breed technology to perform day to day tasks. With more and more ways for employees, partners and customers to communicate, how can organisations keep it all connected?

Applications, data sources, devices and APIs have multiplied. The risks are that a legacy environments won’t integrate well with new digital functions. Organisations need to be able to connect with external applications. On-premise systems need to communicate externally and internally, across an organisation. The environment must be secure.

So the solution for organisations is middleware, to integrate all the moving parts into a single and seamless service, connecting them to an additional layer of software that reduces complexity and fragmentation, and ensures that the use of new applications and services is not disrupted by a lack of connectivity or integration.

The role of Middleware in the modern workplace

With the explosion of new applications in the workplace, organisations are rapidly evolving and optimising operations to manage vast flows of information. To accommodate these changes with easy, incremental change management ensures the long production life of systems – and their return on investment – while syncing with new needs and systems.

The right middleware allows organisations to have a personalised view of each other through service abstraction. One side can be changed without impacting the other. Single requests can be concurrently distributed to multiple disparate end systems. New target systems can be added and run in parallel with existing systems. The old system can be removed later for a smooth and safe upgrade.

Nexon’s middleware, SWITCHgate, is a component-based solution infrastructure, initially developed for Telecom OSS/BSS Systems Integration, it has been extended to Internet of Things (IoT) domain. It is scalable, agile and function-rich.

A host of benefits

Nexon SWITCHgate middleware bridges enterprises’ operating systems, network-based applications and devices while offering additional business benefits.

Simplifies system integration

Simplifies system integration by using generic interfaces

Operates robustly, securely and with low maintenance

Operates robustly, securely and with low maintenance

Improves reliability with configurable transaction management and recovery capability

Improves reliability with configurable transaction management and recovery capability

Reduces the stress of solution implementation with tools for testing, data conversion and bulk loading

Reduces the stress of solution implementation with tools for testing, data conversion and bulk loading

Upgrades and refines infrastructure components regularly at no cost

Upgrades and refines infrastructure components regularly at no cost

Reduces the time to market for new services or changes

Reduces the time to market for new services or changes

Why choose Nexon SWITCHgate Middleware?

Nexon SWITCHgate combines function and ease with an integration solution custom-built to your organisations’ needs.

Nexon reuses and reconfigures generic process components to increase functionality with continual refinement and improvement. This means your organisation is provided with quick implementation and change management with lower costs – with minimal impact to your organisation’s existing systems but offering a multitude of functions and extra functionality while addressing each business requirement.

Nexon will design and implement the optimal SWITCHgate solution for your organisation with 24×7 remote monitoring.

Mediate between upstream operations and business support systems and downstream telephony network elements (mobile, fixed, IN, VOIP) & VAS gateways.
  • Activations

  • Subscriber provisioning

  • Maintenance and Network Operations

Mediate between application systems and IoT devices. SWITCHgate behaves as an IoT gateway, enabling applications systems to query and control IoT devices over various generic service-based protocols, push inbound messages from applications and IoT devices out to multiple external recipients in publish/subscribe and store/forward processing modes, and transform messages to accommodate the sender as well as individual recipient’s requirements.

What’s more, it provides the back-end service for IoT device management, rules-based IoT edge processing and dynamic scheduling, and transient as well as permanent scheduling of IoT actions – and can make legacy equipment appear and behave like IoT devices.

Why choose Nexon?

  • Over 15 years’ experience with operating environments in the development, support and management of stable, uninterrupted, reliable systems integration solutions
  • Experience in managing change by reconfiguring middleware to handle evolving requirements and technologies
  • Experience with facilitating data and system migration, and running parallel environments and phased implementation during major system changes

Vodafone have been using the SWITCHgate system developed by Nexon for well over a decade. SWITCHgate functionality allows Vodafone to automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of services, numbers and porting across a variety of platforms, which SWITCHgate does seamlessly. As our services and products have changed and matured over the years, Nexon has been able to develop the capabilities of SWITCHgate with agility and precision to cater for our needs.

Vodafone has an excellent relationship with Nexon and their 24hr support is second to none. I have no hesitation to recommend their services.

Darren Bunn
Core Operations Team Leader – WN & CHCH

Vodafone New Zealand

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