Uniting in support to raise much-needed funds for flooded communities


On Saturday 12 March, Australian Red Cross along with its partners, united to support the communities affected by the floods that left Australians shocked. The devastating aftermath of the latest rainfall led us to respond in a way we know best – rallying together to raise much-needed funds for those in need. Through the generosity of many Australians, the telethon appeal raised over $25M and will be of great assistance for the QLD and NSW affected communities to recover from the 2022 floods.

Rewind 48 hours and partners of Australian Red Cross were collaborating behind the scenes to deploy the right infrastructure to support the estimated call volume expected during the appeal. In addition, Nexon and Genesys united to support this initiative, by waiving professional service and agent costs that could have been incurred during the appeal.

“The Nexon team worked around the clock to get the Australian Red Cross Contact Centre ready to support the Telethon. Our ability to respond within a 72-hour window is a testament to our people, the technology, and the cause we were collectively driving towards” said David Russell, General Manager, UC & CC at Nexon Asia Pacific.

“Our team scaled out Australian Red Cross’s existing infrastructure from 25 agents to more than 300 agents supporting over 1500 simultaneous calls. The night was not without its glitches, but the team worked collectively from 6.30 pm to 1 am to ensure infrastructure supported Australian Red Cross and the cause at hand” added Mr. Russell.

Daniel Andric, Head of ICT Operations at Australian Red Cross said, “It’s the support that organisations such as Nexon and Genesys provide which enabled Red Cross to achieve greater impact to help those affected by the floods.”

“We are grateful to Nexon and Genesys for their continuous support, and services” added Mr. Andric.

Australian Red Cross agents, enabled by Genesys Cloud, delivered and managed by Nexon, support worldwide and national humanitarian initiatives such as bushfires, floods, and COVID-19 responses.

To learn more about Nexon’s UC &CC offering click here.

Uniting in support to raise much-needed funds for flooded communities
Uniting in support to raise much-needed funds for flooded communities

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