Nexon Achieves Genesys Partner Status Uplift


Nexon is proud to announce the recent uplift of our Genesys Partner Status to Gold.  Nexon announced the beginning of our partnership with Genesys in early 2020, and since then, we have been deploying and providing Genesys Cloud CX to numerous clients as part of our contact centre offering with great success.

“Nexon has proven their ability to attract and retain customers, making them integral in the delivery of Genesys CX solutions to the ANZ market. Their elevation as a Genesys Gold Partner is a testament to Genesys’ evolving partnership with them, their commitment to orchestrating consistent and great customer experiences, and building a large cohort of skilled and certified resources.”

~ Mark Buckley
Genesys, Vice PresidentANZ


Genesys Cloud CX is a Frictionless Enabler

Genesys Cloud Customer Experience is now a pivotal part of our contact centre solution that has been garnering fantastic engagement and feedback from our clients.  The intuitive interface that lends itself to simple integration, ease of use, and no complex or lengthy training for agents, ensures that organisations are up and running to serve their customers to the best they can – with technology as a frictionless enabler, not a challenging barrier.  With the constant evolution of technology available to augment the customer experience, an agile solution is needed so organisations can provide a smooth omnichannel experience for their employees as well as their customers, and Genesys Cloud CX delivers.

Genesys Cloud CX seamlessly integrates with many unified communications platforms, including both Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone.  With this ability, not only does it make it seamless for the end users, but also for maintenance, updates, and security.  Nexon’s cloud contact centre solution allows for simpler management of the software than traditional deployments, providing the best solution for organisations worried about threat protection – with constant updates, risk is easily and swiftly mitigated as the threat landscape evolves.

“This uplift in Genesys Partner Status level to Gold demonstrates our team’s expertise  in enabling contact centre environments for our clients in ways that ensure they are meeting their organisational goals regarding their own performance in customer experience, and the safety of their users, clients, and data.”

~ David Russell
Nexon, GM – UC & CC



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Nexon is now a Genesys Gold Partner
Nexon is now a Genesys Gold Partner

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