Navigate your way

Changes are happening fast in aged care sector

Today’s aged care clients are in control. Understanding your clients and responding to their needs at every point of interaction is an essential part of doing business.

  • Navigate this new landscape.
    Differentiate your organisation from other providers and develop innovative care models to retain and attract, as efficiently as possible.
  • Don’t lose your way.
    Provide the highest quality of services to your clients, ensuring you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Better client understanding.
Better data for care staff.
Better care outcome.

Changing the way you operate today will determine how you meet client and care staff needs, now and into the future. If information is held in different places, you won’t be able to get the insights you need to respond to clients and care staff.

Do you have all the information about your clients in one place? Does your care staff have access to the information when on the go? Are your allocating and scheduling your care resources efficiently?

With a centralised view in place, you can achieve better care outcomes through:

  • Improved business processes
  • Optimised resource planning and utilisation
  • Enhanced care staff productivity
  • Extending the provision of care to where it needs to be

By integrating the next generation of intelligent business applications into your daily operations, you can:

Ensure optimal care
and service delivery

A single view of your client data – aggregated, consistent and holistic – will assist you to better manage resources and schedule more efficiently – translating to better care, service delivery and meeting clients’ needs.

Improve quality
of service

Respond to requests quicker and more accurately. Create a seamless and personalised connection with your clients. Provide the care and service delivery that fits your clients’ preferences.

Manage the entire client lifecycle with one central system

With access to one central system, you’ll have a single view of all services delivered, client histories and important details that could make a big difference in how you deliver care and inspire customer loyalty.

Empower your
mobile workforce

Maximise the time caseworkers spend with clients in the field. Improve care with access to your client’s record, anytime and anywhere.

Improve care staff responsiveness

Quickly assess needs, review care plans and manage enquiries. This contributes to your client experiencing new levels of satisfaction from your staff and services.

Better manage
your staff

Better management through optimising scheduling, available resources and delivery of services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
and Field Services demo

By integrating the next generation of intelligent business applications into your daily operations, clients can ensure optimal care and service delivery, manage the entire client lifecycle with one central system and improve care staff responsiveness.

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Lead Generation

Lead Management

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Sales engagement and quote

Sales Engagement and Quote

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Booked Service and Service Delivery

Booked Service and Delivery

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There are many parallel forces shaping the future of the aged care industry; such as Consumer Directed Care and the upcoming Single Quality Framework. With such changes, it will become increasingly important to prove the quality of your service to existing and prospective clients. To set yourself apart from the competition, having clear measurements for tracking quality of service is vital.

Here are four key steps, as a care provider, you should be taking:

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