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Change is constant in today’s interconnected world. Technology adoption is no longer a choice, but essentials for any professional services businesses, such as legal and accounting firms to stay relevant in the market today. Days of paper-based correspondence and face-to-face client networking could be well over before we know it.

Innovation is a must and even a small change in your practice could just mean a lot on your client service.

From cloud sharing, connection and collaboration to ease of accessing information on the go, technology can maximise efficiency in work practices and streamline process to serve clients better and faster.

Keeping data secure is not a new challenge for every business. Today’s cloud services offer great security when you choose the right systems and applications for your practice, and when you work with a provider who makes security a priority.

You need mobile tools to help you better understand your clients, focus on their right activities and connect in a meaningful way with people inside and outside the firm.


Unprecedented disruption in the professional services sector means that no longer can anyone stay on their laurels for too long.

With a proper strategy and approach, the right systems and applications, you would be able to stay ahead of the pack.

Business Applications

Cloud Infrastrucure
Cloud Intrastructure

Unified Communications and Mobility
Unified Communications



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From a single location system to a comprehensive integrated network across multiple locations, Nexon offers end-to-end managed I.T. solutions and business applications. Supporting professional services firms such as accounting or legal firms in the provision of services.

Business Applications


Customer-centricity is important in any industry. Recognising the transformative role of business applications such as relationship management system and business intelligence to enable data-driven decision-making is essential.

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Cloud Infrastrucure


To remain competitive, finding ways to improve efficiencies and innovate while minimising risk becomes paramount. Moving backend infrastructure and workloads onto the cloud allow providers the flexibility and capability to meet increasing care demands.

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Unified Communications and Mobility

Unified Comms and Mobility

Mobility is an essential part of connecting and communicating with anyone anywhere anytime. Whether it is for your support staff or clients, unified communications solution helps manage and streamline communications.

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Managed Services


As you look to address the demands of a dynamic market, it is important to have a trusted technology partner whom you can outsource non-core IT services to reduce your investment and financial risks whilst delivering IT services more efficiently, cost effectively to the required standards.

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Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we are about deeply connecting people who are in the centre of all we do.

Learn more in our customer success story featuring Pitcher Partners, a mid-tier consultancy firm in their move to the cloud.



Managed I.T. solutions for Legal providers


Creating value for professional services

Deeply connecting people with innovative technology in productive and efficient ways. Nexon delivers I.T. for the dynamic business in the legal profession.

When professional services firms adopt a suite of managed services, it allows them to be more customer-centric. They can interact with customers and colleagues wherever they need to be.

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