IoT in Healthcare

Interconnected technology solutions.


Technology in the healthcare sector has come a long way and with it, new possibilities, whether they be patient monitoring, ambulance bed tracking, ease of access to a patient’s medical history or enhanced communication systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is where we can connect multiple devices without human interaction within these environments. We see this becoming a factor in everything we do, every day, ensuring complete connectivity, cost savings and innovation. We can help you to obtain real-time information that enables better decision-making, automation, and a vast array of possibilities to improve healthcare outcomes within your facility by gaining cost efficiencies and enhancing patient outcomes.

Delivering Real Results

The power of IoT can be seen in the real results we provide through our:

Healthcare IoT


We deploy next generation devices to track important assets and monitor or control operations to save costs and time.

Healthcare IoT

Always on

We deliver the connectivity required to provide seamless management and monitoring of all deployed devices, from anywhere, at any time.

Healthcare IoT


We securely provision data into your cloud of choice and into a host of third-party tools.

Enhancing Patient Care

We know the importance of healthcare providers creating solution that need to be robust, ensuring they can provide superior patient care, every time. Effective technology can prevent delays in communication, enhance daily workflows, allows complete access to necessary patient’s history. By not compromising a patient’s care and lose the healthcare facility valuable time and resources, we may just aid in saving a person life. This epitomises who we are and why we care.


Healthcare can often be life or death. The technology in place to deliver better treatment outcomes, eliminate errors and decrease operational costs needs to be intuitive. The power of IoT technology in healthcare is limitless, such as:

Nexon's Healthcare IoT -  IoT devices to monitor critical mechanical services

IoT devices to monitor critical mechanical services such as blood bank fridges to ensure blood, medication and other materials are keep at the right temperature and avoid wastage.

Nexon's Healthcare IoT -

Track patient activity, vital and movements in real time, such as in dementia patients.

Nexon's Healthcare IoT -

Thermal scan and facial recognition imaging to monitor temperatures, access control and movement, which has proven to be critical in recent times.

Nexon's Healthcare IoT -

Track inventory such as wheelchairs or healthcare beds across facilities to optimise patient response and assurance that the team have the right equipment at the right time, and turn up at the right place.

IoT technology is all around us and is in everything that healthcare systems provide. Our extensive experience allows us to build intelligent systems that communicate intuitively, so you don’t have to manage multiple systems. 

Our technology connects all endpoints and systems to enhance patient experience, provide rich insights, enabling greater monitoring abilities for better learning outcomes and better care. We handle the technology, so you can do what you do best, provide better patient healthcare and save lives.


nexon coris

Nexon Coris is an intelligent and automated communications platform that integrates both legacy and new systems into a single view, allowing ease of communications, and automation across all devices and care staff to make critical decisions under pressure with confidence.

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Unlock the benefits

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits - increase alerts

Increase alerts and workflows to drive better patient outcomes

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits

Reduce risk of error when it matters most

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits - Increase patient safety

Increase patient safety, and communication

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits

Rich insights with greater visibility through a single platform

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits

Save costs and asset loss through greater tracking capabilities

Nexon IoT in Healthcare – Unlock the benefits

Increase productivity and efficiency through more intuitive technology

Why Nexon?

Our business is built on deeply connecting people through smart technology.

For two decades, we have been delivering solutions in the healthcare space, solving real and critical problems – from network and telephony through to business applications and devices.

Unlike other service providers in the marketplace, we have the unique ability to bring together a wide range of managed services to significantly improve your healthcare operations. With end-to-end capabilities from network, cloud services, unified communications, business solutions, right through to desktop and day-to-day support, we have a strong expertise in delivering solutions to healthcare providers.

We deliver cutting-edge, boundary-pushing interconnected solutions that solve real and critical problems for healthcare providers, enabling them to run more efficiently, create better patient experiences, and explore bigger and better opportunities.

Nexon named a health award finalist in the 2020 IoT Awards

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