Aged Care I.T. Solutions

Supporting the provision of services through the continuum of care.


The aged care landscape has shifted and it seems that change is here to stay. Government reforms and new service models are challenging the status quo, while the new wave of aged care recipients and clients and industry competition mean that client expectations are greater than ever.

Clients are now more informed and empowered to retain control over choices when it comes to their care to receive the services they want. You need to understand the attitudes, expectations and needs of the next generation of clients.

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I.T. enabled Aged Care Service Delivery

Conversations around I.T. for aged care has evolved towards leveraging trends, for example, the Internet of Things, cloud and digital transformation.

In Aged Care, where people lies in the heart of everything a service provider does, it is essential to ensure optimal care and service delivery by empowering not only the care recipients and consumers, but also the care workforce with the latest technology and applications enabler.

From a single location system to a comprehensive integrated network across multiple locations, Nexon offers end-to-end managed I.T. solutions and business applications. Supporting aged care providers in the provision of services through the continuum of care.

An overview of Nexon
I.T. solutions for aged care

Nexon Aged Care I.T. Solutions


Customer-centricity is important in any industry. Recognising the transformative role of business applications such as relationship management system to enable data-driven decision-making is essential.

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Cloud Infrastructure


The cloud is revolutionising the care industry. Moving Backend infrastructure and workloads onto the cloud will provide tangible financial gains through improved efficiency, productivity and the quality of care delivery.

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Managed Services


Connectivity is the foundation for supporting and enabling your business goals; service delivery and access to cloud-based applications.
With clients demanding a higher level of customer service, having an agile and reliable network is integral in delivering outcomes.

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Unified Communications

Unified Comms and Mobility

Mobility is an essential part of connecting and communicating with anyone anywhere anytime. Whether it is for your care workers or clients, unified communications solution helps manage and streamline communications.

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Managed Services


As you look to address the demands of a dynamic market, it is important to have a trusted technology partner whom you can outsource non-core IT services to reduce your investment and financial risks whilst delivering IT services more efficiently, cost effectively to the required standards.

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By integrating the next generation of intelligent business applications into your daily operations, clients can ensure optimal care and service delivery, manage the entire client lifecycle with one central system and improve care staff responsiveness.

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Lead Generation

Lead management

Building financial sustainability and resilience through optimising resources, increasing demand for care and services.

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Sales engagement and quote

Sales management and quote

Improving responsiveness, flexibility and capacity to address consumers’ preferences and needs through the continuation of their care journey now and into the future.

Nexon Aged Care Solutions Demo - Booked Service and Service Delivery

Booked service and delivery

Driving efficiency and innovation in providing and scaling the delivery of high quality integrated care and services that fit or match care recipients’ needs.


Aged Care’s New Customer Experience Benchmark

We discuss the new customer experience benchmark for aged care, consider its impact on data needs and explore a future-ready data management approach.

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Supporting evolution in the aged care industry

Discover why and how a flexible, stable and scalable network is essential in the aged care sector.

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Quality of your care depends on data

Find out how a data management strategy is essential for your aged care organisation.

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