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Nexon employee working computer cyber security
Nexon employee working computer cyber security

Nexon's security services
provide you with peace of mind.

We work with your organisation to understand and define your current and future information security needs.

Our services range from cyber posture audit, risk assessments and security strategy development through to training and educational resources to ensure security controls, strategy and policies are optimised.

We help you to detect and prevent threats, reduce vulnerabilities while maintaining visibility and control over your environment.

Nexon’s security services are fully modular and scalable. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs as we provide you with the tools to forewarn and forearm.

Nexon security services give you:

No matter your size or security need, we have you covered from:

Security and Risk Management audits

Security and Risk Management Audits

Nexon Security and Risk Management audits

ASD Essential 8

Nexon Security Frameworks

Security Frameworks (NIST, ISO27001, ASD)

Security Frameworks (NIST, ISO27001, ASD)

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Nexon securing your technology

Cyber Exposure Management

Cyber Gap Analysis

Cyber Gap Analysis

Nexon Cybersecurity
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Audit security gaps

With a growing and evolving landscape of threats to your environment, our security audit quickly identifies the gaps in your security strategy. This level of visibility puts you back in control and enables fast remediation.

How we do it

Using a range of experienced talent and leading technologies to audit your environment against industry best practices and standards, we’ll identify any gaps that may have previously been missed.

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Staff education and simulation

People are often the weakest security link in your organisation, responding unwittingly to phishing attempts and overlooking other threats.

Our education service empowers staff to become more aware of cyber risks, helping your business to identify weak spots and prevent incidents at the source.

This pre-emptive service includes three components:

Is it working?

We use cloud-based tools to deploy phishing simulations to benchmark the staff and security of your organisation. This helps us to develop tailored training programs at the right level and track and measure security outcomes.

Security assurance

Get assurance based on independent testing to ensure continual improvement.

How we do it

Nexon will run security assurance exercises including penetration and vulnerability testing of your environment, so we can understand your security gaps and risks.

Gain insight into vulnerabilities along with recommendations and remediation plans to secure your environment with our thorough reporting.

As well as being your independent security advisory, we have a highly accredited and qualified team of in-house specialists to optimise and patch your environment, remediating any risks identified.

Vulnerability testing

We audit your security maturity by performing vulnerability testing to reduce the probability of threats.

Nexon Cybersecurity Checklist - Securiry Assurance Get assurance based on independent testing to ensure continual improvement.

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