Maintain business continuity with secure access to data and applications

Always on, always available for remote workers.

The importance of being always on and always available could not be truer than now, as organisations rush to accelerate remote working capabilities.

Right now, organisations across the globe are doing their best to deliver immediate needs and ensure continuity of day to day operations.

As the new normal sets in, it’s time to start thinking about the medium and long term needs of your business for accessing data and ensuring business continuity, wherever your remote workers are.

Access the data you need at the speed you need it

Ensuring business continuity can come with some unexpected complexities. Have you considered whether your employees need to access the organisation’s internal network for files and applications? How do you go about making on-premise applications accessible remotely while protecting data from malicious behaviours? How do you ensure operational excellence and high availability of data and applications for your remote workers?

Optimising the end user digital experience means considering three essential business needs.

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Bandwidth and Latency

A significant factor for having a positive user experience is the availability of enough bandwidth to access corporate servers remotely.

Nexon Cybersecurity - network and wifi

Cost control

Gain visibility and insight into cloud costs, and optimise resources and services based on utilisation and business needs for remote workers. Forecast spend and define budgets with cloud migration services to facilitate remote working.

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Multi-cloud management

With applications in different cloud environments, organisations are faced with new challenges of unplanned expenditure, increased supplier management and a greater burden on IT teams to manage governance and security of cloud platforms.

With this in mind, consider how you will manage application performance and connect platforms across your organisation to adopt new approaches and achieve ROI.

With every organisation having complex needs, it’s a real challenge to identify how to migrate to the cloud and to have the right skill sets to connect legacy architecture with cloud-hosed applications, while also maintaining security, reducing risk and achieving compliance.

Nexon keeps your business running, no matter what.

Nexon can help by simplifying the complex challenges you’re facing, gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and providing end-to-end consultancy and support. Nexon’s cloud consultancy is designed to help you map out your current I.T. environment and understand which applications and services are best suited to access your data and get the performance you need to keep the lights on.

A secure and seamless remote working solution requires a few essential elements to come together to ensure safe and convenient access to data.

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A secure connection
With a Virtual private network, you can enable remote workers to access corporate data on their sanctioned devices securely. Multi-factor identification and additional security layers can also support what remote workers can access, save and share.

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Cloud-delivered security
Deliver better security to remote workers with the right level of security anywhere your users roam. With cloud delivered security gain visibility and protection from internet-based that are known to be malicious.

Nexon Cybersecurity - increase visibility

Backup and recovery
Give remote workers assurance that lost data can be brought back to life, in the event of downtime. Data backup and recovery is an essential function of your business operations whether it is on-premises, on the cloud or hybrid. Do you have enough resources to recover in the event of downtime?

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Cloud migration
Shift workloads to the cloud and easily scale your cloud capacity to match your current and ongoing needs.

For legacy applications a VDI solution can provide full remote desktop access to larger files, meaning users can access their workstations anywhere, including their home.


Businesses are discovering a plethora of benefits by adopting agile and remote working solutions. Some of which include:

  • Streamlining operations
  • Improved end user experiences
  • High availability, security and reliability
  • Quickly scale up and down the number of VMs based on your requirements
  • Better work productivity and flexibility
Nexon’s ability to find creative solutions to our challenges is a key part of our working relationship. They are dynamic, very agile and responsive, and able to put things together on the fly. Adam Irwin, Chief Operating Officer – Pitcher Partners

Nexon helped Pitcher Partners with their IT strategy.

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At Nexon, we understand the unique challenges faced by business leaders.

Over the last 20 years, Nexon has developed world-class infrastructure, technical expertise, service delivery capabilities, solutions, systems and processes to ensure that your I.T. environment is in safe hands.

As a managed services provider, we are truly ahead of the market by offering support for all the solutions and technologies we deliver, including modern workplace and unified communications solutions. We offer flexible commercial models and are committed to successfully achieving your business goals and meeting your operational requirements.

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