Accelerate digital transformation

Boost user and customer experience
Digital transformation woman with tablet in office
Digital transformation woman with tablet in office

Integrate and manage

Nexon does so much more than delivering client platforms.

We work to continually improve the user and customer experience – driving data integrity, insights and access throughout your organisation.

Improve compliance, automation, and simplicity through all processes and touchpoints.


Reduce friction and leverage data to create seamless experiences across channels.

We provide your organisation with continuous digital improvement that isn’t just about technology, but about ensuring the organisation is set up to capitalise on every opportunity.

Improve efficiency, personalise or advance your inventory management, or better your customer journey with Nexon.

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Intelligence lead insights

Just as your organisation continuously evolves, so must the data that fuels it. Continuously accelerate your achievement, using data to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease costs
  • Improve value
  • Lead your industry

We help you manage your intelligence practice to digitalise processes, warehouse data, gather insights, put them to work, and make consistently confident decisions.

Through data modelling, data migration, data management, data visualisation and data story-telling, we can help you create and maintain a predictive and seamless experience.

Nexon can also help you extend your data capability, improve your reporting times, and leverage more data to get further, faster.

Workflow and process automation

We leverage business knowledge and technology to help your organisation achieve more, remove technical ambiguity and drive data integrity.

Nexon will digitalise manual processes to:

  • Eliminate manual, repeatable and tedious tasks for razor-sharp efficiency
  • Gain rich insights and sustain quality
  • Maximise your technology investment with a single unified cloud platform
  • Deliver greater speed and control
  • Free your team to focus on higher value work
  • Increase accuracy and maintain compliance
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woman working on computer

Modern Application and Architectures

We proactively and continually modernise and tailor platforms to your needs and business requirements.

Whether it is maintaining or re-architecting an application, modernising an existing platform, Nexon can assist to ideate, build, migrate and deploy applications into cloud-natives services and containers, across any cloud.

Cloud-native applications leverage the resilience and speed of the cloud allowing you to build faster, giving you a competitive advantage in your market.

We strive to ensure your apps continue to improve productivity, scalability and continuity, while improving infrastructure cost optimisation.

Integrated solutions - IoT

Do you want operational efficiency, better insights, and improved service delivery? You need: Integrated solutions.

What your operation of the future looks like with Nexon’s integrated solutions:

  • Next-generation devices to track, monitor and automate operations
  • The connectivity to provide seamless management of those devices
  • Secure provisioning of cloud
  • Intelligent systems that communicate intuitively

Nexon’s expertise and technology connects all endpoints, for seamless operations, rich data and ideal service outcomes.

woman smiling with colleagues
Staff equipped to provide solutions

Customer engagement

A unified and efficient customer experience helps to:

  • Engage customers
  • Boost brand equity
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

We’ll help you to achieve this with a single view of the customer. But more importantly, our expertise spans customer engagement, service management, IoT, UC and security. We bring all the pieces together that ensure you can supply, deliver and service to customer needs, when and how they need it.


Accelerate the high-quality creation of capability with this expert set of practices.

Our DevOps deploys unique frameworks for you to:

  • Unlock intellectual property
  • Harness automation
  • Create error-free environments
  • Optimise operations
  • Deliver bigger, better services to customers

If you’re looking to build capability and shake your technical debt fast, look no further. We bring together our deep knowledge and care for our clients with these cutting edge practices that deliver innovation value in record time.

professional man working on laptop cloud implementation

Case studies

CivicRisk Mutual

A complete network and security upgrade improve connectivity and risk management for the future of its members.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation’s digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities.

Retail Apparel Group

Retail group lays the foundation for innovation with a dynamic store network upgrade in partnership with Nexon Asia Pacific.

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