Equip your people

From implementing technology solutions to supporting adoption
Professionals working at computers unified communications
Professionals working at computers unified communications

Remove the friction that your staff and customers experience when systems and processes are substandard and enable your employees to improve their productivity, boost morale, and streamline the customer experience with Nexon.

We lead with the need to deliver fit-for-purpose business applications that quickly and expertly deliver on your organisational requirements. Our solutions are geared towards making users’ lives easier for scalable, future-proofed performance.

With over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, technology expertise is only rivalled by our change management experience. Trust Nexon to connect your organisational need with the right solution, but more than that, to deliver user adoption, ongoing improvement and longevity.

Insights, data and intelligence

We leverage the science of data visualisation to enable your people with consumable, visual data formats in real time. This improves the way people interact with data to make critical decisions and improve productivity.

Use intelligence to fuel the evolution of current products, processes and services into more intelligent, relevant offerings. Plus segment and personalise communications with prospects and customers across channels, using real-time insights.

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Digitalise and optimise process

Automating manual, repetitive processes is a fundamental scale-up requirement. From simple leave requests to complex production lines, we help you identify processes, automate them and measure the impact.

Increase agility by rapidly building forms and low-code apps. Custom electronic forms and other apps streamline repeated operations, modernise important processes, and solve tough challenges.

Let us empower your people with the systems and processes they need to be at the top of their game.

Enterprise resource planning

Maximise the value of your assets with Nexon’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Our expertise spans the breadth of your operations from finance through project costing, warehouse management, purchase and procurement planning and manufacturing processes. Our integrated solutions deliver better visibility right across your resources, people, cash and product.

Deliver products on time and adapt to change with operational flexibility across purchasing, manufacturing, stock, and warehouses.

Gain real-time control over your inventory, warehouse, logistics and manufacturing operations. Whether it’s helping you to introduce:

  • better stock planning and forecasting systems
  • improvements in quality monitoring
  • warehouse automation systems
  • arming your delivery staff or contractors with Proof of Delivery technology

We have you covered with direct API integration or leveraging EDI, OCR and machine learning technologies.

Our unique approach ensures you leverage and optimise the tech systems you already have, while introducing a layer of agility on top. We enable you to drive efficiencies and value with an integrated ERP solution that adapts and evolves with you into the future.

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Corporate Performance Management

Enable your finance and departmental managers to plan for the future, control costs, and report accurately for meaningful analysis with automated budgeting and forecasting capability.

Allow your leaders and employees to collaborate seamlessly and in real-time, no matter their location. Plus, reimagine profit and loss management as an integrated part of your organisation. 

Scalable productivity

Enable users to conduct all of their daily work tasks on one platform. We provide a single experience and interface that grows and scales even while you add new functionality. This helps with engagement, adoption and productivity improvements over the long term. What do you need? Nexon can:
  • Deliver connected, collaborative workplace solutions that empower your users to work from anywhere securely
  • Empower your teams to better manage content, office apps and communications tools within a single workspace
  • Share, organise and manage documents and news maintaining governance and security
  • Connect field workers with real-time intelligence to drive more relevant customer experiences
  • Empower cross-functional teams with integrated platforms to communicate and achieve real time visibility for better customer experiences
  • Embrace automation and a centrally managed CMDB to drive new levels of business agility and performance
  • Integrate finance systems and data between systems for efficiency
  • Gain real-time control over purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and warehousing with endless operational enhancements
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of IT assets and devices anywhere, securely delivering increased team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplified support
  • Govern Microsoft Teams, enhancing security and reducing risk
  • Manage change and organisational transformation with end user training, communication and support to realise the modern workplace vision and leverage new technologies and processes.
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Enterprise Service Management

Effectively manage how your customers experience your service delivery with a best-of-breed enterprise service management platform.
  • Drive smart workflows and seamless experiences across your organisation
  • Unlock seamless and efficient field service, keeping users productive and improving customer satisfaction in the process. across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Connect people, functions, and systems across your organisation
  • Lower your cost of service by optimising resources and effort, and gain predictive support that enhances your service experience

Field worker connection

Connect your field workers with insight-driven and real-time intelligence for more relevant customer experiences. 

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Secure collaboration

Deliver connected, collaborative workplace solutions that empower users to work from anywhere securely.

Enable teams to better manage content, office apps and communications tools within a single workspace for more effective collaboration. We can provide custom intranet solutions to support sharing, organisation and management of documents and news while still allowing for governance and security.

Manage any device, anywhere

Manage the entire lifecycle of IT assets or devices anywhere, securely delivering increased team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplified support.

Govern Microsoft Teams

Nexon can govern your Microsoft Teams environment – enhancing security and reducing risks.
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Govern Microsoft Teams

Nexon can govern your Microsoft Teams environment – enhancing security and reducing risks.

Case studies

CivicRisk Mutual

A complete network and security upgrade improve connectivity and risk management for the future of its members.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation’s digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities.

MTC Australia

Digital-first policy paying off for MTC Australia through Nexon.

Case Study

Nexon Provides I.T. Security and Scalability to CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk Mutual case study page 1

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