Nexon continues to monitor the Australian Department of Health advice regarding COVID-19 to ensure a safe work environment for staff, clients and partners.

Updated 28th July 2021

In line with this advice, we ask that anyone who is at risk not attend the office, or client sites. We are currently taking extra precautions in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including offering staff the ability to work remotely. All onsite staff have been advised to take their laptops home nightly, in the event that the pandemic escalates overnight.

  • If you have ordered hardware and expecting delivery but will now not have anyone in the office, please contact your account manager ASAP to arrange an alternative location for the delivery
  • Site visits are now extremely difficult for us to provide, but please contact your account manager or support for any issues you may encounter to see what can be done to assist you during these challenging times

To minimise the impact and ensure the continuity and continuum of services, Nexon has implemented the following precautions:


Working remotely

Anyone who has recently travelled, or been in contact with those that have travelled, or merely concerned about their wellbeing have the ability to work remotely.

Service desk support

A number of support staff across the business have already been advised to work remotely, as a contingency should an outbreak occur onsite.


Ensuring the health and wellbeing of all individuals is of the utmost importance to us. Nexon maintains an active line of communication with all staff to adhere to local health guidelines and self-quarantining requirements including, seeking medical advice and respiratory hygiene.

Limited unnecessary meetings and travel

Reduce the number of visitors at Nexon’s sites to prevent any unnecessary exposure. Interstate travel has also been restricted.

Ongoing Hardware Review

An ongoing capacity review takes place weekly to ensure scalability to service client’s increasing needs during this time of uncertainty.


To limit the transmission of COVID-19, Nexon has:

  • Encouraged staff to work remotely where possible.
  • Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms including fever, is advised to seek medical attention, work remotely, and prohibited from visiting Nexon facilities until clearance is provided by a doctor or medical practitioner and showing no signs of illness.
  • Elevate levels of personal and office hygiene - Excess suppliers of hand sanitisers and cleaning products have been made available on all levels, and across sites.
  • Limited travel and face to face meetings.
  • To help us in the quest to stay safe, we will be implementing a temperature access control scanner in reception this week.