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Public Trustee and Guardian for the ACT

A series of technology firsts reaping rewards for Public Trustee and Guardian for the ACT.

Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) is an ACT Territory Authority, providing permanent and secure trustee, guardianship and administration services to the ACT community. PTG’s services include will-making (where PTG is appointed executor); administering deceased estates under will or in intestacy; and acting as attorney for people in the ACT under Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA).

In 2018, the Public Trustee and Guardian for the ACT (PTG) deployed a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with the assistance of Nexon as a key element of the organisation’s Business Transformation Project.

Consolidating Client Data and initiating a move to the cloud

The Challenge

PTG was created in April 2016 after the merger of the Public Trustee and Public Guardian functions into a single body. As a result, PTG had inherited a number of disparate IT business systems, including multiple client databases. PTG’s Will and EPA drafting software modules were out-of-date and receiving only minimal vendor support, they had no workflow capabilities and were not sharing any common client data. A number of applications in use were not compliant with a planned upgrade to Windows 10, based on its shared services arrangements through the ACT Government.

The Solution

Rather than developing its own Will drafting software or buying an off-the-shelf product, PTG was able to license a system that had been developed by another organisation. This solution, based on a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, was implemented by Nexon, and modified and adapted to meet PTG’s specific requirements.

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The benefits

In addition to reducing IT administration for the organisation, the cloud-based infrastructure has also given PTG users the ability to securely access the systems using multi-factor authentication via a browser, anywhere and from any device. That’s allowing staff to complete documentation out in the field; such as making and finalising Wills in nursing homes or hospitals in emergency situations. That’s a significant time and cost saving for PTG, at the same time delivering a better service to clients and meeting what is often an urgent need.


of all Wills are now created entirely in the Microsoft Dynamics platform, compared to an average of 80% and falling using its previous software.

Creating a bespoke solution… would have been virtually impossible to do on our own. It would also have taken us years to complete, and millions of dollars in development costs. With the help of Nexon, we’ve managed to deploy a solution and, at the same time, we’ve established a new cloud-based infrastructure and a CRM application for the whole organisation to use – all for a fraction of the cost if we had tried to build it ourselves.Andrew Taylor
Public Trustee and Guardian for the ACT

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