How Nexon Asia Pacific is helping future-proof organisations

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Recent data shows that digital transformation has accelerated rapidly, suggesting the business community has advanced approximately five years forward in in around eight weeks. Banks have transitioned to remote sales and service teams, retail stores have shifted to online ordering as their primary business, schools have pivoted to online learning, and doctors have begun delivering telemedicine on an unprecedented scale.

This rate of digital adoption, combined with the volatile consumer and commercial marketplace, means that organisations are increasingly looking to the extensive knowledge held by IT partners to help future-proof their operations in the new hybrid remote/office-based business environment.

Nexon Asia Pacific has been working closely with customers to help them stabilise in the new environment, as well as future-proof against any unforeseen external market threats.

There are three common areas where Nexon is shoring up organisations to help them maintain business continuity, improve productivity and reduce risk against cybersecurity breaches:

1. Minimising the risk posed by people in their remote working environment
People are always at the intersection of business success and failure. Employees drive innovation, customer engagement, and product enhancements, and they are the guardians of the organisation’s corporate knowledge. During the mass move to remote work, many employees found themselves working in isolation, and outside of the corporate firewall, for the first time. This created challenges for organisations with regard to business continuity, productivity and data security. While these issues were initially quickly resolved for many organisations as they implemented emergency measures to accommodate remote work, data security challenges are resurfacing as a result of a more permanent transition to a hybrid remote/office-based workforce.

To help businesses build resilience both in the immediate and longer-term market, Nexon, along with Fortinet, is providing organisation-level, next-generation perimeter firewall security solutions. We are also supporting customers with identifying and mitigating security exposures that may be present in their employees’ mobile or home office environment.

2. Improved information management and governance across all devices
Managing information across the cloud is no longer a competitive advantage. It has become integral to doing business in the new hybrid environment. By maintaining highly available and secure connections to applications and data in the cloud, organisations can better control information across all corporate and personal devices. This supports employees to work more productively in isolation, while also reducing the risk of unauthorised access to data, or information being lost or compromised if saved on a personal laptop or desktop device.

It’s essential to integrate cloud solutions with legacy technology that that information management works seamlessly across both home-based and office-based work environments. This means organisations need a fully hybrid, end-to-end, cloud solution that lets them migrate, secure, protect, monitor, manage, support, and govern business-critical data and applications.

3. Facilitating organisational agility
Scalability and flexibility are critical to achieving organisational agility and, therefore, survival. No matter what happens next in the market, organisations must be ready to scale and pivot their operations to ensure business continuity.

Next steps for future-proofing your business

To future-proof your organisation, it’s important to consider people, processes, and technology.

This should include:

People: training employees to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats.
Processes: consolidating and streamlining existing processes, and augmenting them with security measures to protect the integrity of data and applications.
Technology: implementing or updating solutions that deliver resilience and security even in a changed working environment.

To learn how Nexon Asia Pacific and Fortinet can future-proof your organisation in the new environment visit our Business Response webpage

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