Partnership of business concept. Business network.

Last month, Nexon acquired technology services and managed service provider CSA, strengthening our core service offerings across cloud, digital, network and security.

With this acquisition, CSA brings strong skills, capabilities, and partnerships to extend Nexon’s digital service capabilities. Partnerships include ServiceNow, HPE, Aruba, and many more.

Two key areas Nexon customers will benefit from the two organisations coming together include:

Enterprise Service Management powered by ServiceNow

The new partnership and capabilities offers a single platform of action to drive connected digital workflows across the enterprise, delivering modern, consumer-like experiences for IT, employees and customers alike. The cloud-based platform, digital and integration capabilities delivered by Nexon and CSA offers expertise across the Enterprise, including in: IT Enterprise Service Management, Services Portal, HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Facilities, Field Services and IT Business Management.

With our experience and expertise ensuring the right solution is tailored for your business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have one team for consulting, implementation and ongoing support. Whether you are already an existing ServiceNow customer looking to optimise your platform or are looking for a better solution for service delivery, our consultants will work with you to explore multiple options.

Mobility & Collaboration via our Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) offering

With Microsoft 365 Enterprise providing a comprehensive solution for transformation within your organisation, Nexon and CSA offer customers greater skills and capabilities to accelerate their cloud and digital journey. MWaaS for Enterprise provides the services and tools to operationalise IT expenditure and deliver improved services through device lifecycle and configuration management, security, mobility & collaboration.

Extending on Nexon’s domain knowledge and current modern workplace offerings, CSA’s MWaaS offering streamlines user on-boarding and provided ongoing device lifecycle and configuration management. We offer enterprise mobility & security integrated with the lifecycle of the device and management of assets, automation of new device setup including application management (zero touch for IT dept for deployment or refresh of devices) and pure OPEX or hybrid expenditure options to operationalise device lifecycle and IT costs, per user, per month.

If you’d like to learn more about our new partnership and capabilities, please contact us here.

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