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The workplace is no longer just the office or place where your people work. Modern devices and cloud services have enabled your team to effectively work, innovate, grow and thrive from anywhere. The challenge for organisations is to understand this change, engage their teams with new ways of working and optimise systems and processes to support them.

Across Australia, we are seeing a more flexible approach to how people work. Remote work policies, widespread cloud adoption, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, and a keener focus on collaboration have made our workplaces more agile and effective than ever before.

For Staff

Your staff are now needing and expecting to:

  • Work from anywhere, on any device
  • Stay connected and engaged as teams
  • Be provided with the necessary support and coaching
  • No longer be a slave to the tools, but to use technology to achieve more
  • Be increasingly enabled, productive and innovative

For Organisations

It is becoming vitally important now that organisations grow and adapt with these demands. The shift to a modern workplace is a challenging and necessary one, but it requires careful planning.

  • What can we do and where do we start?
  • What does our current licensing entitle us to?
  • Do we have the personnel and skillset to deliver against these objectives?
  • What solutions can we put in place to increase our security and compliance posture?
  • How do we manage such dramatic change amongst our staff?

Modern Workplace by Nexon

We understand that the Modern Workplace is not a solution, but a journey. Our approach takes advantage of years of experience and best of breed technologies that come together to enable organisations to provide more agile, productive and secure working environments for their users.

At Nexon, we see the Modern Workplace as being achieved by focusing on the following key pillars.

Engage, Communicate and Collaborate

Promote engagement and connectivity amongst staff with the deployment of tailored platforms that foster efficient communications and more productive collaboration activities amongst staff regardless of where they are and the device they are using.

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Engage, Communicate and Collaborate

Empowering Users with Modern Devices

Allow users to get the most out of modern identities and devices by simplifying the way they work. Leverage the Microsoft cloud to provide more functional ways of being able to manage your identities and device fleet. Get all of this without putting security or compliance at risk.

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Empower users with Modern Devices

Optimise and Automate Business Processes

Eliminate the friction from your processes, and free up your personnel to do what they do best. Experience improvements in employees’ satisfaction, and secure better productivity from your teams and processes.

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Optimise and Automate Business Processes

Innovate with Business Intelligence

Base your product, processes, and services on the latest data, crafting more intelligent and responsive offerings that go above and beyond customer expectations.

Get more from your existing tools with this data-driven approach.

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Nexon's Business Intelligence Solutions

Realise the modern workplace benefits

Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions - Reduced Complexity and Risk

Reduced Complexity and Risk

Limit the need for expensive infrastructure and associated maintenance overheads. Start to remove the dependencies on physical or virtualised servers and take full advantage of the cloud.

Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions - Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Start saving on time, effort and increasing levels of frustration by delivering solutions that directly address these pain points. Take away the burden of manual and repetitive tasks through automation.

Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions - Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement

Providing a more connected work experience with staff has a direct impact on performance, morale. In a world where remote working is fast becoming the new normal, maintaining the team fabric has never been so important.

Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions - Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions

Ensure key decision makers are armed with the right information at all times. Consolidate data from multiple sources and present it in a way that makes sense.

Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions - Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved Operational Efficiency

Control costs and optimise operations for maximum return on investment. Remove the need for investing in expensive operating system or software upgrades and move into a model where spend can be easily tracked, reported on and projected.

Modern Workplace Solutions Case Study - Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Success Story

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation’s digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities with the help of  Nexon's Modern Workplace Solutions.

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Nexon offers a truly comprehensive end-to-end modern workplace solutions, combining everything from business analysis and strategic planning to program delivery and ongoing support.

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  • Expertise across a diverse range of products and services.
  • Highly skilled teams of Information Technology architects, consultants and developers.
  • ISO certifications for ICT Solutions & Support, and Quality Management.
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Nexon's Digital Workspace Solution

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