The world of Microsoft 365 continues to evolve with new capability and functionality releases happening all the time. With the recent Microsoft Ignite conference fuelling conversation around future capability, it’s time to ask, when was the last time you reviewed which licences you have, versus what you need?

A world of untapped potential

Microsoft licencing can be a minefield to navigate – we get it. So often we see our customers renew without considering what they actually need, where cost efficiencies can be made, and where opportunities to improve performance could be better leveraged.

New inclusions and innovations are continuously added to improve how you work, whether it’s automation or inbound functionality like Co-Pilot, there’s a fair chance that you could be using your existing suite more effectively.

Imagine if you could do more with what you already have?

Number 1 - 1. Review your commitments to software licencing

Review your commitments to software licencing

If you don’t know who’s using what, now is the time to check. As we approach the end of the year, there’s no better time to undertake an audit of software licences across your organisation. Make sure the process of onboarding and offboarding licences is being properly monitored and maintained. An easy audit of your licences might help to release unused software or identify an existing gap or issue to release a productivity benefit you didn’t know was available.

Number 2 - Agree your strategic priorities

Agree your strategic priorities

Every organisation has different goals and objectives. What are yours? Collaboration and communication? Security and compliance? Productivity and efficiency? Training and adoption? Customer service and loyalty? Mobile productivity? Cost optimisation? Governance and compliance? Taking the time to review the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation will make it easier to align licencing investments with strategic outcomes. It also ties your investment directly to productivity, efficiency, and impact through measurable results, making business cases straightforward and approvals expedited.

Number 3 - 3. Review what you have vs what you need

Review what you have vs what you need

Matching what you have vs what you need often reveals opportunities to reduce the number of licences and upgrade capability for the same budget. Have you looked at the vast capability that comes with a Microsoft 365 Enterprise licences? From cloud services integration to threat detection and response, and software assurance, what could you be missing out on?

You don’t know what you don’t know – we are here to help

Knowing where to start and how to quickly and effectively do more with your budget can feel like an unsurmountable challenge. We are here to help – using an expert to quickly unpack and recommend a way forward is a cost and time effective way of achieving a high impact outcome for your organisation and its people.

Talk to us to see how we can help.