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Creating great customer experiences is at the core of every successful enterprise and government organisation. To achieve this, organisations need to innovate and continually improve their products, services, processes, and customer outcomes.

Of course, being innovative and customer-focused is just one part of the puzzle. They need to be actioned in conjunction with agility and speed, – the new secret weapons required to keep up with, and get ahead of, competitors, and to adapt to new customer demands.

The adoption of Hybrid Cloud allows  organisations to operate their IT at high speed, enabling leaders to pivot towards new opportunities and change at pace. Cloud services and robust digital solutions are providing organisations with the foundation to innovate and deliver new services quickly, to ensure they meet today’s market demands  and stay ahead of fierce competition now, and into the future.

Importantly, cloud services allow applications to be connected, agile and resilient, empowering organisations to achieve speed to market in a tested and controlled environment.

Speed to market through technology

The amount of business coming from mobile and online devices has grown exponentially over the last few years. Customers now have heightened expectations of their experiences through these devices, which means organisations now have the challenges of managing both the speed and increased volume of their customers’ technology-driven requests.

For an organisation to meet these challenges, they simply can’t rely on old IT infrastructure. Older core systems, such as legacy systems, can’t offer the streamlined internal processes, data access, and integrations necessary to support customer expectations. The result? The organisation is highly likely to experience numerous negative outcomes, such as loss of business, customer frustration, bad reputation and employee dissatisfaction, to name a few.

To be successful, organisations must engage and empower customers and employees in a seamless, productive way. They need to remove the friction that substandard systems and processes create, to improve employee morale and productivity, streamline the customer experience, and experiment and innovate – securely and quickly. If they don’t, they will simply be left behind.

The benefits of speed to market

For many organisations, increasing speed to market is an important competitive advantage, which can increase market share, drive success, and boost profits. By improving velocity and volume, organisations can:

  • Mitigate costs and increase profits
  • Increase efficiencies across internal and external processes
  • React faster to market trends to gain more opportunities
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Deliver products to market ahead of consumer expectations leveraging rich features and functions
  • Increase visibility and reliability
  • Streamline quality assurance and compliance with regulatory standards

Improving speed to market

The past few years have shown employees and customers how fast organisations can respond when they need to. For example, in March 2020, Microsoft Teams deployments went live in days and weeks, not the months or years that had been planned. Now this rate of change and delivery is expected from all organisations, leveraging cloud services to meet the increased demand for speed and agility.

With Nexon’s DevOps and app modernisation team, you get access to skilled resources to deliver applications faster and automate processes to facilitate an agile and collaborative culture – attracting top talent and keeping your organisation on the leading edge. Plus, our automated approach to creating a secure landing zone during your cloud migration, and our ‘DevOps on Day 1’ philosophy ensures security, compliance and consistency for cloud migration.

Work with us to:

  • Access expertise in digital solutions to boost competitiveness, enhance operational efficiency and innovation
  • Unlock value by modernising and integrating applications with a reliable and certified partner
  • Consolidate and modernise your service to SaaS
  • Ensure your solution is secure and the right choice for your organisation’s needs
  • Get the most out of digital – at pace – to get ahead of the competition and stay there

Whether you want to modernise and migrate legacy applications, optimise existing processes or accelerate  digital platforms, Nexon can help foster organisational agility, start a conversation with us today.


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