As the workforce has shifted to a more dispersed setup, workloads moved to the cloud, and remote work has shifted from the 9-5pm as we know it, organisations are facing a constant challenge: how to fast adapt and keep up with the changes whilst maintaining employees and market demands?

It is crucial to all businesses, regardless of their size to have the right infrastructure to support these changes, – Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a key technology enabler that should be considered:

SD-WAN surpasses the limitations of legacy infrastructure to provide businesses, particularly those with multiple sites, with a range of benefits, and a cloud-ready platform that will accommodate their current and future state needs for bandwidth and application performance.

We’ve put together 6 reasons your customers need a secure SD-WAN and how we can help them meet today’s challenges and be future ready.

1. Deliver a consistent UX across Cloud applications  – a mobile and dispersed workforce demands consistent delivery of cloud-based applications without compromising the user experience. SD-WAN offers organisations an on-ramp to the cloud to assure optimal performance, even for demanding applications such as video and voice, without compromising on security.

2. Demand for data Centre Connectivity – By migrating to SD-WAN, organisations can get to the cloud faster through the use of Software Defined Network (SDN) to interconnect private and public clouds, allowing businesses to scale, have optimum control and visibility over their data and remain competitive.

3. Increase Application Performance – With SD-WAN organisations can deploy new branches faster and meet their growth plans; they can apply granular security policies; and achieve superior WAN and application performance.

4. NBN – As of September 1st, nbn released 44 new Business Fibre Zones, taking the number to 284 across Australia, with many of Business Fibre Zones based in regional communities, as well as high business density areas across multiple cities. This means a delivery of business-grade fibre to an additional 60,000 eligible business premises across Australia. By implementing SD-WAN and Business nbn™ organisations can experience a resilient, optimised and cloud-ready network.

5. Digital Transformation – Although a buzz word we all have heard before, to drive real digital transformation in today and tomorrow’s markets, organisations must look forward and implement holistic solutions and measures that not only deliver crucial network functionality, cost savings and enables cloud-based applications. They need to take a further step and consider adopting a model (SASE) that gives organisations the ability to connect and secure access; optimise performance; deliver best application performance; adopt a zero-trust network access; and become more agile. This means people can work anywhere, on any device, safely and securely.

6. It is a matter of when – it is expected that the global SD-WAN market will grow from US$1.9B in 2020 to $8.4B by 2025 at CAGR of 34.5% during the forecast period(1). This means that as the market moves forward, organisations can no longer afford to remain reliant on legacy systems and networks.

Reliable, agile, and secure networks allow organisations to take advantage of emerging technologies and services. Nexon assists organisations that want to be able to utilise cloud services and applications efficiently, and gives users access to advanced communications, and ensures security of their systems and data.