How AI and automation is creating Contact Centre “Super Agents”

Despite a year of social isolation and greater adaption to technology, courtesy of the global pandemic, clients still crave human interaction. In fact, it could be argued that customer desire for human touch and empathy are greater than ever before. In a super charged time in history, contact centres will be looking to empower their agents with technology to transform them into “Super Agents”. And ironically, the adoption of AI and automation will be the catalyst for this change.

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Contact Centre

With almost half of Australian Contact Centres looking to deploy workforce optimisation solutions in the next 12 months, it’s important to pay heed to the “Work from Anywhere” model, and look to leverage AI-based algorithms to forecast scheduling, including integrating AI-based training and gamification programs. According to the Ecosystm Customer Experience Study 2021, Speech Analytics will play a huge role in using AI and automation solutions to empower Super Agents, with 54 per cent of contact centres seeking this solution in the next 12 months. This is closely followed by Virtual Assistants (47 per cent); Predictive Analytics (46 per cent); and Voice Biometrics (44 per cent).

AI and automation solutions empower Super Agents to:
• Leverage machine learning and gather information about callers from prior interactions to be used to deliver better customer service
• Receive real-time intelligence from machine learning for virtual assistants
• Utilise sentiment analytics for further intelligence during a live call
• Use speech analytics to identify challenges and assist contact centre managers with identifying areas for future training

Working with the right partner

It is important for businesses to cover all bases to ensure success under this modern working model and drive contact centre transformation. That’s why choosing a MSP that can provide the necessary security and minimise any internal or external threats to your data is more important than ever. Collaboration is king and a solid workplace digital infrastructure is vital for enabling people from different geographic locations to simulate real-time conversations. Further, it is crucial that these communication channels can be divided by topic and urgency, which will help agents interact and help each other in real-time, replicating the proximity of agents in a physical set-up

What to consider when choosing a MSP

There are five key pillars to take into account when you are determining your MSP partner. Consider the ease of setting up your contact centre and moving to the cloud from legacy architecture. The MSP’s backup and redundancy capabilities will steer your Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

As always, security is a vital component to any digital project so consider the MSP’s framework across the network, applications and devices. A MSP that can simplify the integration process and ensure there is no data loss in the process is critical. Embracing the cloud, moving to digital, social and intelligent virtual assistants will require agents to learn – as well as adjust to – these new environments. Work with a provider that can provide a seamless transition for the team.

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