Corporate Social Responsibility

A focus on social responsibility and giving back.

Delivering positive change within our environment and our communities, powered by the positive actions of our people.

At Nexon we are deeply committed to connecting people with useful innovative technology and supporting our customers to do great things.

Contributing toward a sustainable future is an important part of this, which is why we live out our Nexon ethos with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Our CSR initiatives focus on







Environmental Sustainability — Minimising Our Impact on the Environment

Nexon believes in shifting attitudes so that we are engaging with our environment on sustainable grounds.

Our approach highlights the vital role of recycling, and each member of our team is focused on individually and collectively making a positive impact.

As part of our ongoing corporate activities, we educate and train our teams on the importance of recycling paper, card, and glass. Wherever possible we live our commitment to technology by reducing printing and paper usage.

Recycling stations are placed throughout our offices to encourage our people to be mindful in the disposal of waste.

We also have a duty of care to our customers, encouraging secure disposal of I.T. equipment which consist of certification of all assets to ensure no data compromise occurs.

People — Safe and inclusive workplaces

Creating safe and inclusive workplaces is a key part of the Nexon DNA. We have in place policies to guide managers and staff to ensure we treat each other with respect and without discrimination.

Whether our team is working off site, on premise or from home, we provide the latest tools and technologies to help them stay connected, collaborative and productively engaged – anytime, anywhere on any device. Our work from home policy safely guides our employees and supports them as they utilise the latest technology in the course of their duties.

We understand that our workplaces also host a variety of people – customers, partners, contractors and other guests. As we do for our staff, we strive to ensure we create for our guests a safe and inclusive environment. In line with our values, visitors experience a personal and committed welcome whilst on site.

Community Engagement — Supporting local and national charities

Partnering with charities within our communities nationally is a big part of who we are. Each year we nominate a number of charitable organisations to support that we evaluate as being aligned to our values and culture. 

As a customer centric organisation, we understand the importance and benefits of ‘giving back and paying forward’ and proudly support many of our customers and their causes.

Some of the Social causes we support:
Children and youth – specifically how technology can help transform the future of those living with disabilities
Mental health - support, treatment, and research

Social, poverty and domestic issues – assist charitable organisations to meet their vision and support people who need a helping hand


Neurological, Cancer, and healthcare causes – funding research as it continues to impact many individuals and families

Community Engagement

We show our support beyond providing charitable donations to organisations seeking to enhance the lives of those most in need, for instance by:

  • Sponsoring local and national fundraising initiatives
  • Offering our expertise and experience wherever, whenever we can to the causes we support, and
  • Raising awareness to help promote causes we hold dear and those of our customers

We are committed to charitable partnerships, and to the difference we can make in the lives of others - Inside Out – of the technology sector.

At Nexon, we believe doing good is good for business, our people, and the planet. We are dedicated to delivering positive change within our environment, within our communities, powered by the positive actions of our people.


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