Moving to the cloud? Take your legacy backups with you

Transitioning to the cloud represents a brand new world of flexibility, scalability, efficiency and above all else - possibility. But what of the historical data you have accumulated? The years of information you have on back-up tapes, taking up space in your office or a costly storage facility? Read more..

The hidden cost of disjointed financial views of the aged care customer

As the aged care industry continues to transform the onus on internal finance teams to navigate complex aged care operations intensifies. Consolidated billing that accommodates a range of third party services, and upholding a single view of customer financial records may seem as a near-impossible task...

The often forgotten ingredient of successful IT projects

IT teams are under pressure to deliver technology solutions that seamlessly support the business in achieving its goals. Technology implementation projects are assessed on their ability to drive business value, deliver a return on investment and ensure end-user engagement, technology uptake and – ultimately – their satisfaction. Discover the 4 key ways successful IT project teams build a personal connection...


3 critical elements of an integrated IT security system


The security of IT systems and networks is critical in any organisation. All CIOs and IT Managers will tell you that it is a non-negotiable requirement. So why are so many still cutting corners?

Skype for Business vs Lync. Take note of these key benefits


Skype for Business 2015 is certainly generating a lot of interest in the market place. What does it do that Lync 2013 did not do or did not do well? Is it an improvement, what does it do for me and should we upgrade now?

Leverage the cloud to thrive in Turnbull’s new agile economy


Businesses who leverage cloud infrastructure can jump on new ideas quicker, test new markets and business models, remain flexible in the way they service and communicate with their existing customers, and focus more on what matters most. We review four examples...

10 TIPS on the best way to adopt omni-channel


This paper takes a look at the ten things you should do to ensure you approach and implement omni-channel the right way…   

9 Smarter Steps for your SQL Server 2014 migration


This blog takes a looks at our nine key steps and considerations for migrating successfully to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from a legacy platform.

Organisational Salvation and the Rise of the Machines

It’s a bold attempt to help us to be more productive at work (and at play). It’s on a unified platform of applications. It’s cloud based. It’s neatly wrapped up with a monthly price tag, and an a la carte menu of options. But just reeling off the obvious benefits to Office 365 doesn’t do justice to Microsoft’s fastest ever growing product or give any insight into the deeper undercurrents in the tech sector that are leading to our organisational, and productive, Salvation



Post WPC - The deal with the new Microsoft E5 Office 365

  So the word’s on every Australian IT Manager’s lips, and to be honest every Australian IT Provider, after the WPC 2015 wrapped up will be “so what’s the deal with the new E5 Office 365?!?”