Is hybrid cloud just another shiny armour?

Cloud computing, notably hybrid cloud, has changed business operations in many industries. But is hybrid cloud the answer for you? Absolutely and here’s why...


Laying foundation for innovation through hybrid cloud


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Maximising chances of success through hybrid cloud. Consider these few points on what do you have to do before implementing hybrid cloud. 

Moving to the cloud? Take your legacy backups with you

Transitioning to the cloud represents a brand new world of flexibility, scalability, efficiency and above all else - possibility. But what of the historical data you have accumulated? The years of information you have on back-up tapes, taking up space in your office or a costly storage facility? Read more..

Leverage the cloud to thrive in Turnbull’s new agile economy


Businesses who leverage cloud infrastructure can jump on new ideas quicker, test new markets and business models, remain flexible in the way they service and communicate with their existing customers, and focus more on what matters most. We review four examples...

Organisational Salvation and the Rise of the Machines

It’s a bold attempt to help us to be more productive at work (and at play). It’s on a unified platform of applications. It’s cloud based. It’s neatly wrapped up with a monthly price tag, and an a la carte menu of options. But just reeling off the obvious benefits to Office 365 doesn’t do justice to Microsoft’s fastest ever growing product or give any insight into the deeper undercurrents in the tech sector that are leading to our organisational, and productive, Salvation