Managed Endpoint Security

Protect and manage endpoints with ease.

The reality of managing a modern workplace.
The modern workplace is changing the way we work. Flexible working arrangements, and instant access to files and data from any location, on any device is just some of the benefits today organisations are harnessing.

However, this increased mobility and cloud access erodes control. Employees interacting with your business’ IP and data on varied devices through multiple networks poses many risks.

Managing these endpoints securely is increasingly complex, especially with the threat landscape evolving daily. Businesses today need to tighten controls to decrease operational risks and prevent intruders from accessing and/or infecting infrastructure and devices.

What you need?

A continuous security framework.

Our mature security framework covers people, process and technology. It makes sure the necessary foundations and tools are in place to mitigate the risks associated with evolving and multiplying threats – now and in to the future.

Let us work with you to reduce risk, discover vulnerabilities and protect mission critical data and information.

Without adequate endpoint protection, it’s just a matter of time before your business is at risk.

Defend your business’ vulnerable access points

Whether it’s an individual computer, tablet or phone connected to the network, businesses need secure entry points, to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks or data breaches.

Our Endpoint Security offers malware protection, application blocking and control, web filtering and USB device control to protect your network from potential cyber-attacks. It also provides your IT team with the visibility needed to monitor and manage the growing internal and external security threats and to make informed decisions.

We work with global security technology leaders, such as Fortinet, McAfee, and Proofpoint, to bring you a comprehensive security solution.

Endpoint security - Malware protection

Malware protection

Endpoint security - Application blocking control

Application blocking control

Endpoint security - Web filtering

Web filtering

Endpoint security - USB device control

USB device control

Endpoint security - Monitor and manage threats

Monitor and manage security threats

Nexon will help you to:

Deploy comprehensive defences to stay ahead of emerging threats with Nexon's endpoint security solutions..

Deploy comprehensive defences to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Achieve more efficient security with Nexon's endpoint security solutions.

Achieve more efficient security operations with a single view for visibility, investigation and action with precision and speed.

Reduce unbudgeted costs with Nexon's endpoint security solutions.

Reduce unbudgeted costs and resources by implementing defences to quickly expose, hunt and remediate advanced threats.

Why Nexon?

Nexon has the experience, expertise and solutions to support your evolving security needs. We have a strong partnership ethos with leading technology providers to build and maintain your security posture today and into the future.
Our comprehensive security framework ensures the appropriate technology, people and processes are deployed when and where necessary. This framework outlines what is required to secure your data and infrastructure from evolving threats, while ensuring authorised access to systems is maintained.
Our managed perimeter security, advanced email security, endpoint protection and cloud security solutions protect businesses against threats, giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

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Nexon Managed Security

Giving organisations the confidence to better manage risk.

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