Business solutions for social sector, charities and Membership Organisations

Optimise Community Interactions with leading digital solutions. Get a 360-degree view and manage real-time interactions with your members, donors, and affiliates, to help deliver your mission.

Managing a Not for Profit organisation can be challenging.

Whether distributing funds, interacting with your community or growing membership numbers—your operation needs digital solutions to automate and control these vital functions.

The right solution partner needs to know technology and have a deep understanding of your operations. A proven track record in designing, implementing, and maintaining digital solutions configured for your organisation is vital.

Your requirements are unique, and you need technology that caters to your needs.


Solutions designed to meet your unique needs

No matter your cause, we can meet your sector needs:

Fundraising, managing grants and funds, running programmes to engage and retain members, while keeping on top of changes in NDIS funding rules, are real challenges for the sector.

How can we help:

Simplifying and streamlining the management of programmes onto a single platform so that NDIS funding administration is significantly reduced.

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Get the best out of your technology to better serve and engage

Manage your stakeholder engagements, online presence and operations with an integrated technology approach specially crafted to meet the unique needs of Non-Profits.


Solutions based on extensive Non-Profit experience that bridge the gap between your organisation, stakeholders, and technology.


A unified platform that can increase efficiency while reducing the complexity of fund management, budgeting, and fundraising.


Increase engagement with members and other organisation stakeholders with automated workflows and seamless messaging solutions.


Provide members with online portals and apps, giving them the ability to interact with your organisation from anywhere and anytime.


Seamless integration into any other applications your organisation utilises, reducing the need for manual, paper-driven administration.

A 360-degree stakeholder view

Crafted for the industry and built for your organisation.

Developed to meet the unique requirements of every organisation, Nexon Non-Profit solutions extend to offer a range of tangible benefits:

  • Enhance stakeholder engagement with innovative apps and portals customised to every organisation's particular need.
  • Improve cash management with integrated payroll, budgeting, and cashflow solutions.
  • Forge deeper donor relationships and increase fundraising effectiveness with online relationship management platforms.
  • Accelerate your organisation's core mission with digital transformation enabling you to engage and provide a meaningful impact in your community.
  • Enhance customer communication with multi-channel marketing capability including personalised messaging and dynamic segmentation.
  • Boost efficiencies and lower costs with solutions that automate repetitive manual processes.
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Our not-for-profit organisation solutions are engineered to help make an impact

Nexon leverages a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector and a proven track record in delivering technology solutions to ensure organisations succeed in their community-driven missions.

Our values, unique approach, and deep understanding of both your industry and technology help us:


Design and implement solutions that deliver real value to your stakeholders.


Offer holistic solutions that leverage and seamlessly integrate from the three-cloud services Microsoft offers.


Ensure the information security of your organisation, its data, and the privacy of your respective stakeholders.


Leverage innovative technologies to help non-profit organisations enhance their community impact.


Implement projects at your pace to ensure your organisation derives the maximum benefit from its technology investment.

Business Solutions Expertise

An effective technology solution focussed on business outcomes needs a partner that truly understands your business and industry. Nexon has been delivering technology solutions that solve real business problems for decades, working with many of Australia's leading companies.

Nexon can provide the best solutions for your organisation, ensuring I.T. achieves its goals and objectives

Uniquely placed to meet your particular needs, Nexon offers:

  • Deep and broad expertise across all Microsoft Clouds enabling us to recommend and implement the most appropriate end-to-end solution for you.

  • Extensive experience with both modern and legacy IT systems with a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Comprehensive understanding of core business needs in a fast-changing environment.

  • Our sector-specific experience means we speak your language and understand your challenges.

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Make a bigger impact today

To discover how Nexon Business Solutions can create solutions to deliver against your mission, please book in some time with one of our consultants today.



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