Nexon Asia Pacific is powering the future: 100% EV Fleet Commitment by 2030


Nexon Asia Pacific has committed to a set of strategic initiatives and frameworks to support and embed the delivery of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives across the organisation.

At an organisational level, the team has demonstrated an impressive track record in delivering against its commitments in three key areas, already achieving and exceeding goals 12 months before the anticipated timeframe.

Saba Maroun, Chief Customer Services Officer commented: “ESG is a fundamental thread of our corporate strategy. We understand that getting this right will drive a brighter, more sustainable and resilient future for our customers, partners and community”.

Technology driven efficiency

Nexon has invested significantly in underpinning ESG initiatives with technology and processes to ensure all metrics are measurable and reported accurately and in a regular cadence.   

This has included establishing an Inventory Management Plan in conjunction with the Resource Advisor platform, implementing a quarterly process for data collection and enabling inventory-based emissions calculations and transparency.  

Key strategic priorities across the ESG portfolio for Nexon Asia Pacific include: 

  • Environment – operating and servicing clients through sustainable efficiency 
  • Social – setting the standard through accreditations to provide re-assured delivery 
  • Governance – embedding policies, procedures and processes to measure sustainable impact

Environment – Running on 100% Renewable Energy

In understanding the strategic goals and objectives around the 2030 target, the team engaged Schneider Electric (SE) to compile a Green House Gas inventory to assist in defining and formalising the way the Group measures and reports on its carbon footprint.

  • Transitioning the vehicle fleet to Electric Vehicles by 2030
  • Achieving environmental accreditation by 2030
  • Enabling 100% renewable energy / Green Power by 2023 – ACHIEVED
  • Reviewing supplier sustainability and accreditations in procurement of goods and services
  • Reducing the packaging and materials consumed by Nexon Asia Pacific and its partners / suppliers

Nexon – We’re running on 100% renewable Energy

Social – Setting the standard for re-assured delivery

Nexon is committed to achieving the highest standards and accreditations to support and impact operations, underpin outstanding service provision and offer the reassurance customers demand in the delivery of consistently high-quality outcomes.

Across the Nexon Group, commitments include the creation and rollout of policies, procedures and accountabilities across ISO Standards (ICT), Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), Environmental Management, Customer Privacy, Data Security, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I).

Key Social initiatives include:

  • A Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee focused on key areas of strategic importance.
  • Finalising the Indigenous Participation Plan (IPP) and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to provide equal opportunities for all Australians.
  • Focusing on inclusive procurement approaches, including an Indigenous Procurement Policy to actively support community growth.

Governance – Applying a risk-based approach to protects our people, customers and community

As situational and environmental factors evolve at pace, pro-actively pre-empting and understanding the challenges facing organisations, people and communities is a fundamental tenet of the Nexon strategy.

Establishing a robust portfolio of policies, processes and procedures is essential to the safe and successful operation of the organisation. It also underpins the successful implementation of strategic goals and tactics and supports the Nexon mission in creating a sustainable future for their people, customers and community.

Accordingly, human and labour rights are a critical and integral component of our policies and procedures.

Nexon - Governance – Our risk-based approach protects our people, customers and community

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